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How to Identify Your Unique


Hi, it’s your girl Dr. Alisha Griffith, officially known to many as “Dr. Ali.” I am your autism parenting strategist and ignite coach. I help autism moms, mompreneurs, and aspiring mompreneurs, to shift past places of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and stress out, and move towards where you are making bold, brave power moves so you can ignite the results you want and live that ultimate dream or that ultimate life you desire.


Today I will speak a little bit more about how to identify what makes your child unique. So let’s start by taking out a paper and pen. There’s an activity page in my book Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance, this is my success tool #2 where we identify unique strengths. Now lets write down five characteristics about our child that make them uniquely themselves.


For my son Zachary, he’s always lighting up the room, always positive. He tends to shift others when they’re feeling down. He also has a canny way of being funny, and connects well with those that he has an interest in. Those are some of his unique characteristics.


Take some time and write down what are five unique characteristics that your child may have, what makes them unique? If you’re still not sure about this ask a friend, ask a family member. They may be able to identify some things that you don’t write see.


Now as you’re finding those unique characteristics about your child, let’s take some time out to find out the unique characteristics about you. Yes you, we’re still talking about YOU mom, and how can you identify your unique characteristics. So the same thing – write down five things that make YOU unique, and also have your other friends, or other people you may know, tell you what makes you unique.


So it’s your girl Dr. Ali Griffith, make sure you stay tuned because I have an au-mazing free tool that I’m offering right now where we’re sharing 14 other strategies  (I call them my secret success tips) on how you can create radical results!  So make sure you sign up for that, and sign up for the opportunity of being in any one of my monthly Masterclasses, or in my special Ignite Au-mazing Nation (my membership group).


Don’t do this alone y’all, make sure you gather a team!

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  • Eugenia Benita Lewis

    Five unique characteristics that Zay has: 1. His contagious smile! He is always smiling his bus driver, teachers and any one that’s around him say’s that he’s such a happy child. 2. He is also a little comedian; he keeps us laughing all the time. 3. His belongings- Zay had this things about his belongings. If he takes his clothes, shoes, socks, belt etc. off you can not touch it. He will say that’s mine and nice take it from you and lay the items near him so they can not be removed. He is like this with everything and you have to wait until he goes to sleep to remove the items. 4. Violating his space- he loves to go to his room with his Ipad and be alone. If his brother or I goes into his room to interact and he wants to be alone he tells us to go and points to the door and then say, “Close the door” . 5. He loves for his mommy to kiss him on his forehead. When i say show me love, he holds his forehead down for me to kiss it.

    My unique characteristics are: 1. I have a big heart, I love to help others especially parents of children with special needs! 2. I am a great advocate for Zay, I am his voice. 3. I am determined. 4. I am consistent when it comes to Zay and his everyday living. 5. My smile even when I may be a little frustrated, I continues to smile.

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