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3 Tips To Achieve Life Skills With Autism


Hi, it’s your girl Dr. Alisha Griffith, officially known to many as “Dr. Ali”, your autism parenting
strategist and ignite coach. I help autism moms, mompreneurs, and aspiring mompreneurs, to
shift past places of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed out, and move towards where
you are making bold, brave power moves so you can ignite the results you want and live that
ultimate dream or that ultimate life you desire.


Today I’m excited to give you a few BOLD tips and insights into helping your child on the autism
spectrum achieve important life skills. You may be wondering what are the best ways you can help
you child immediately? Or how you are going to teach your child basic life skills and how to be self
sufficient? By the end of reading this post, you will have a better understanding of how to
approach these concerns and how to stay motivated on your autism journey with your child.
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TIP 1: Identify the NOW. Identify, write down and discover what your child can do right now.
Before you even begin teaching them you need to find out where they stand. What do they
already know? What are the things that we do in our everyday lives? I start by looking at the
basic life skills that we all do every day. Things such as brushing your teeth, washing your face,
getting dressed, or showering are all basic life skills that we use daily. Then with this list, I check
off what my Zachary can do by himself independently (or even with just a little assistance). After
we have the necessary life skills down, we can begin to move onto other skills, such as preparing
food, going to work or school, leaving the house, and getting themselves ready. Once you can
identify where your child currently stands you are ready to begin getting them to the next level.


TIP 2: MOVE to the next level. This part may be the hardest part; this is why it’s important to
focus on one area at a time. I started with something small, such as brushing their teeth or
getting dressed. Break it up into smaller components such as gathering the supplies, then start
teaching them how to brush their teeth. As they make progress, you can start teaching the more in-
depth parts of that skill. Another way would be to break it up into routines or certain areas, such
as bedtime. Focus on small components within this area and work up to a full bedtime routine.


Tip 3: Give a lot of PRAISE. This is by far the most important part. Make sure to praise your
child for the progress they are making! It’s easy to get so caught up in trying to get them to a certain
step that sometimes we forget to let them know that we are proud of them along the way.
Simple things such as telling them they did a good job can have a major impact on the proceedings
of your autism journey. They will grow to appreciate the value of doing things on their own
if they see that you appreciate what they are doing as well. Most importantly, you will feel more
motivated for being positive and sharing encouragement along the way. Good job to you also!


It may seem like there are so many skills to master when you first begin, but by taking one skill at
a time, moving step by step together, you are sure to accomplish great things! Each child with autism
is different, they each have their own ways of learning. This is why it’s important to remember that
you can NOT compare your child to others. In the end, we are all in this together, one step at a


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