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3 Biz Power Moves that Tripled my Revenue

How do you figure out balancing the right money? You guys think it’s balancing between the chaos of being a mom, having a business, possibly having a job and Oh yeah. Finding time for yourself. I put together some strategies that I’ve used over the last 20 years, specifically over the last four to seven years where I have run up to three different businesses and scaled them my most recent ones, scaling them to a six-figure business by implementing some tools and strategies on maximizing my time. What are you gonna get to do today is you’re going to look at some testimonials. You’re going to look at some words and some things that some of the clients I’ve worked with, some of the moms that I’ve worked with who came to me with the same concern with that main question. That’s Allie. How the heck do you do it?

How is it that you’re finding time to go on vacation with your girlfriends or yourself? Finding time to spend time with your family, making sure that you’re also getting to work and serving to your maximum capacity and still out here servicing us with these coaching programs. Retreats or masterminds, our Academy, all of that is done through making sure we honor our time and creating a system, a strategy where we can follow it. I’ve had about two or three solid ones. Each one differs depending on the person. So I can’t tell you this is the staple one to use, but once we talk and you’re in our program, so I can definitely help you to scale that and to make sure that it’s a manageable and that it feels real authentic to how you are as a person and you get rid of that guilt. So take some time out, check out the blog below and tell me what you think. Most importantly, make sure that you make the next step. After you do all of this, what is your next step and how do you find your spark back to help you through the chaos of being a mom and an entrepreneur? It’s my pleasure to serve you until next time.

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