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How mentors can tell you in 10 minutes what may take weeks or months to learn ( Lisa Nichols)

Hey it’s Dr. Ali! And I am your autism mom and I’m business ignite strategist and I’m so excited to come in and share with you some tools, techniques, and tips that I’ve learned from some amazing mentors and coaches along my journey. Stay tuned. I’m going to do a few each week and by making sure you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll definitely get access to hearing all the juicy tips and strategies that I’ve learned with Oprah, 10 coaches and mentors within the last three years that have helped me to maximize my revenue, to make sure I create better relationships and also get incredibly visibility, like incredible visibility to take my business to the whole next new atmosphere. So the first thing I want to leave you with is definitely my experience working with none other than leaks and nickels. I have been blessed with the opportunity to have her as a sister friend, mentor slash coach for the last three to four years.

And it has been nothing other than breathtaking and amazing. Uh, learning more about connection, learning more about making sure you learn the arts of language and using your words, learning, speaking techniques that are out of this world that can captivate your audience and have them in your hands. It goes one, uh, one amazing tip and I’m going to share some over the time with all my coaches. So I’ll get a little bit more into Lisa. But one thing, and I just demonstrated it was an amazing speaking technique where you can add a pregnant pause or you just add a stop during the process that has people basically sitting there waiting to eat out of your hands. But the next set of words, um, it’s something I use in everything, whether it is in a speaking engagement, when I’m keynote speaking, whether I am doing a workshop, even if I’m just doing a library or video, like now using strategies and being aligned with these key masterminders players.

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