Benefits of coaching with Dr. Ali:

  • Virtual or In-Person Coaching- you can do it from home!
  • Learn Practical, Ready to Use and Specific Parenting Skills and Strategies.
  • Reignite your dreams and passions.
  • Identify your unique strengths and gifts.
  • Receive actionable steps to achieve powerful results.

 What can you achieve from coaching?

  • Learn to become an effective listener
  • Foster stronger relationships between your child, family and friends. 
  • Learn to become clear, get ignited and focused on specific tasks and goals.
  • Take powerful steps to achieve dynamic results, faster than doing it alone.
  • Go from feeling in a daze to feeling au-mazing.
  • Identify your blocks, clear your pathways, and create step by step actionable steps with powerful accountability.

Imagine being in a state of in a state of shame, guilt and disconnect. Walking around with a smile on your face, yet feeling frustrated, sick and tired and confused on the inside. Angry that you are living a life that you would not have chosen for yourself.

It is time to get yourself back, reignite your dreams and regain your power in your life.

Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith offers a unique coaching program for parents, caregivers and families of children with “different” needs. Dr. Ali Griffith has worked as a professional consultant and parenting specialist with over 11 years of experience as a mom to Zachary, who is living on the Autism Spectrum. She is also the two times best selling Author of “Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance”. Dr. Ali Griffith uses her real-life experiences combined with years of academia and consulting to make each coaching session,  individualized, more meaningful, and effective. Dr. Griffith unique transformational coaching experience is guaranteed to help you reignite your dreams, passions and goals while navigating and parenting autism.

Now, imagine being in a place where you felt that no one can understands how it is to love and hate at the same time? To love your child and to “hate” AUTISM!

Imagine pushing all of your dreams aside to now “everything” revolves around your child?

Dr. Ali Griffith doesn’t have to imagine it because she HAS LIVED IT!

Now, IMAGINE your world in 3-6 months of our coaching sessions, you showing up in the world with a renewed level of confidence. BOLDLY making power move decisions that enhance your child’s life for greater achievement and you surrounded in a safe community of other parents in a similar situation as you, offering support and accountability.

IMAGINE waking up in the mornings, with a renewed FIRE and FOCUS!

IMAGINE working alongside your “au-mazing gift” to have better communication, connection, and creating higher levels of accomplishments TOGETHER!

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