Recalibrate, Recharge, Replenish, and Build Your 6-figure Retreat

Retreat #1:



March 28th to April 1st in “One Happy Island” Aruba

ALIGN in Aruba, where there is Sun, Wind and Sand. Come and receive the Aruba effect.

To create your own profitable & intimate experience, we must be fully immersed in an environment that allows for expansion and unlimited potential. This is where dreams unfold and manifest into reality.

Imagine, travelling to your favorite places in the world and support people in their desired transformation, while having fun and making profit.

Wouldn’t that feel amazing, right?

Since I was a teenager whenever I was near large bodies of water, surrounded by sun and sand, I felt free, joy and a sense of inner calm.

Even at an early age I knew the power of beaches relating to true happiness. Today, I get to travel to islands worldwide, like Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba and more…

I’ll be able to realign myself by supporting others in their transformational experiences and then empowering my elite unique retreaters to recreate their own passion, purposed and profitable retreats


Because in Hosting your Profitable Retreats you can: 

  • Co create your dreamy retreat vision into real life
  • Design a duplicatable and scalable profit generator
  • Build memorable moments that creates lifetime of impact
  • Transform lives that extend beyond your participants but also to their families and friends.
  • Get Paid to host your retreat through advanced payments

But hosting a profitable retreat is not as simple as it looks.

The real deal is if you have no experience in receiving a 6 figure return of investment, then most folks would be disappointed, discouraged and broken. This is simply because they don’t have a clear path to the profit process 

Although the path isn’t a straight line there are 3 key things that you must follow to retreat profitably.

Plan the process, experience and outcomes

Prep the program for the right people 

Produce the memorable experience and next steps opportunities

Imagine having the power to create a high-impact retreat agenda that consistently generates six-figure profits…

Inside Produce Your Profitable Retreat, you’ll actively learn how to develop strengths in these 3 areas, meet like minded sisters, discover our planning cadence and build your retreat structure so that you can lift off and make that profitable retreat im 2024.


Sound like exactly

what you need?

Especially in Aruba,

our highest vibratory space for creativity, at that!


Visionary ladies know when their Legacy Business needs their own 6-figure retreat 

Well, that’s exactly what landed me and my clients, Sister Diamonds with Crystal and Dr. Nicole, and their repeated 6-figure retreats. But here’s the catch: it took me a significant amount of time and effort to reach this level of success. Now, I want to pay it forward and share all my behind-the-scenes retreat secrets with you.

This Retreat is for You If…

  • You’re an entrepreneur or coach looking to expand your business and create an additional revenue stream through retreats.
  • You’re interested in gaining a competitive edge by learning proven strategies from a successful retreat planner.
  • You’ve tried planning retreats in the past but struggled to make them profitable.
  • You want to save time and resources by avoiding common retreat planning mistakes.
  • You’re ready to take action and transform your retreat planning journey.

    First Class Experience – for women who are highly motivated and Empowered

    Discover what makes Aruba Retreat special:

      • Breathtaking “One Happy Island” Location: Nestled in the pristine beauty of Aruba, known as the “One Happy Island,” our retreat takes place in a stunning setting that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Immerse yourself in the tranquil turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and awe-inspiring sunsets that Aruba is renowned for.
      • Intimate and Exclusive Setting: Unlike large-scale retreats, our Aruba Retreat offers an intimate and exclusive environment. Limited spots ensure a personalized experience, allowing you to forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and receive focused attention from our expert facilitators.
      • Expert Guidance and Support: Led by experienced retreat facilitators, our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional guidance and support throughout your journey. Benefit from their wealth of knowledge, expertise, and practical insights, ensuring you gain invaluable skills and strategies to enhance your personal and professional growth.
      • Delicious and Nourishing Cuisine: Indulge in mouthwatering cuisine specially crafted to nourish your body and tantalize your taste buds. Our retreat features a culinary experience that combines locally sourced ingredients with flavors that celebrate the vibrant culture of Aruba.
      • Time for Reflection and Self-Care: Our retreat provides ample opportunities for self-reflection and self-care. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you immerse yourself in moments of tranquility, mindfulness, and relaxation. Rediscover your inner balance and leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated and recharged.
      • Unforgettable Memories and Connections: Beyond the workshops and activities, the Aruba Retreat creates an environment where lifelong memories are made and deep connections are formed. Share moments of laughter, inspiration, and growth with fellow participants, creating a supportive community that extends far beyond the retreat itself.

    Don’t settle for an ordinary retreat experience when you can have an extraordinary one in Aruba. Join us for the Aruba Retreat and embark on a transformative journey that will leave you with cherished memories, newfound insights, and a renewed sense of purpose.

    It’s Time to Embark on a Transformative Retreat…


    ❈ 3 Full Retreat Days with a real retreat expert who have done the damn thing – not just talk about it.

    ❈ A clear path on what needs to get done in producing your profitable retreat

    ❈ Recordings of the sessions

    ❈ Access to Dr. Ali’s budget and agenda template (priceless)

    ❈ Workbook and accompanying learning tools

    ❈ Design and Build workshops with on-the-spot coaching

    ❈ Delicious lunches made by our Special Legacy chef (with your specific nutrition needs in mind)

    ❈ Welcome meal and reception

    ❈ Farewell retreat readiness celebration  (light buffet and cocktails)

    ❈ Pre-retreat connection calls


    ❈ Travel costs (flights and cars) arriving to and leaving from the Retreat

    ❈ Travel insurance

    ❈ Hotel and/or AirBnB accommodations

    ❈ Any meals on your own outside of the provided lunches and snacks

    ❈ Personal purchases

    Meet Dr. Ali, Your Retreat Expert Guide, Biz Coach and Sales Strategist

    A published author, Ted X transformational speaker and a business sales coach for women, she has dedicated her career to helping women to start profitable businesses and create wealth.

    Her proven path to profitability— laser clarity, systems and sales—takes business owners from brand new to badass.With an incomparable blend of business strategy, sales flow and personal development, there is a depth to her coaching that is unmatched.

    An audiologist and speech pathologist by profession, Dr. Ali is trained to hear people so she can feel them. She supports women in getting to the heart of what they really should be doing in the world, and how to get there. Whether they are wives, mothers or career professionals who are seeking schedule and financial freedom, Dr. Ali shows women how to have it all with highly functioning systems and strategies that maximize their time, talents and profitability. A believer that mindset goes hand-in-hand with money, she coaches clients through everything from their fear of sales to breakdowns in their personal lives.

    Leading by example, Dr. Ali is building a tribe of won’t-stop women who can navigate through life’s unexpected and exceptional challenges—every day—and live lives that leave legacies.


    Profitable Retreat Time Flow Guide $1,500

    Profitable Retreat Template $1,500

    Profitable Retreat Budget Sample and Guide $2,500

    Expert Coaching and Sales Strategizing $10,000

    Delicious Meals and Activities $2000

    6 Figure Retreat Roadmap with Resources $7,500

    Total Value $26,000

    Investment $3000 

    Flexible payment is available with Non- Refundable $1000 deposit

    Our transformational retreats have changed lives, businesses, and legacies, resulting in repeat retreaters reserving their spots.

    Invest in Your Success

    Join us from October 10-13, 2023, on the breathtaking “One Happy Island” of Aruba for an exclusive opportunity to learn how to plan and build your own profitable retreat in 2024. If you’ve ever wanted to discover the secrets behind successful retreats and avoid costly mistakes, this is the event for you! We’re not only going to show you how it’s done, but we’ll also provide you with valuable resources, including my very own profitable budget template and event flow.

    Imagine having the power to create a high-impact retreat agenda that consistently generates six-figure profits. Well, that’s exactly what landed me and my clients, Sister Diamonds with Crystal and Dr. Nicole, their repeated 6-figure retreats. But here’s the catch: it took me a significant amount of time and effort to reach this level of success. Now, I want to pay it forward and share all my behind-the-scenes retreat secrets with you.

    Typically, this kind of information would cost you upwards of $10,000, but I believe in making it accessible to everyone who’s passionate about creating transformative retreat experiences. And where better to do it than in Aruba, the “One Happy Island” and my proud home?

    This opportunity is a no-brainer for anyone serious about building a profitable mastermind retreat. We have limited availability with only 5 spots available for October 10-13th, so don’t miss out on this chance to transform your retreat planning journey.

    Embark on a Journey to the Aruba Retreat and Uncover the Extraordinary

    Discover why the Aruba Retreat has everyone buzzing and experience it firsthand. Get ready to dive into a truly transformative retreat that will ignite your potential and set you on the path to unparalleled success.

    – Dr Alisha Griffith