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For 8, LONG, agonizing years I suffered in silence -

Afraid to reveal and even admit, my son Zachary has autism.

You see, I know how your stomach churns when you hear your child isn’t hitting the same milestones as other kids their age.

I know the sadness and even guilt of wanting to ignore the quirks and nuances that your child does, just so that you and your little one can seem “normal.”

And I know the frustration that can overshadow your life as you battle to devote every waking minute to your child.

But here is what I do know!

I know your child is au-mazing.

I know you can celebrate your little one’s unique quirks and enjoy every minute you spend together.

And I know that you can pursue your dreams and take care of you and your au-mazing child, ALL without feeling selfish.

Let me show you how.

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Ignite Coaching

Having trouble with figuring out how to balance parenting Autism and igniting your dreams? This is a unique coaching program for entrepreneurs, parents, and families with Autism. Get virtual individual coaching, group coaching and online supporrt

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Want to book a dynamic, energetic and transformational speaker at your next event? Let me, Dr. Ali Griffith, bring your audience to life with emotional, heart wrenching topics on parenting, Autism and more.

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Dr. Ali Griffith is a best-selling author of two books, "Au-Mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Awareness" 1st and 2nd Edition, both on Amazon's top best-sellers.

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“Dr. Ali is one of the most reliable, resilient, determined women professionals and entrepreneurs. She is one of those individuals that her word is her bond and she is literally the person that is at the top of my list to come through for anything. So, if you’re looking for someone to help you deliver results, have a powerful impact, and serve people to a whole new level, Dr. Ali is your girl.”
Lisa Nichols
Motivational Speaker, Coach and Mentor
“Au-mazing Gift gives parents hope and structured tools to deal with an amazing situation with their children. Dr. Ali gives parents the tools they need to be effective, loving and patient with their gift from God. Any parent could read this book and implement the recommendations to have a better relationship with their child.”
Susie Carder
President and C.O.O Motivating the Masses


A Journey to Autism Acceptance

I got the official diagnosis that my son was “autistic” (on the autism spectrum). Even though, I suspected earlier, because I saw the signs with him. As a mama and as a professional in the field, I knew clearly what some of the signs looked like (constant spinning or twirling, lack of eye contact, deep fascination with one topic, delayed speech production). Honestly, I didn’t want it to be true. For years, I didn’t want to say the words “Zachary” and “Autism” in the same sentence, out loud….


One-on-one coaching

For autism, special needs parents and entrepreneurs that are ready to shift your mindset, find clarity through the diagnosis, and create strategic power moves
  • In-depth clarifying sessions that allows you to focus on your challenges, setbacks and concerns
  • Explore your limitations, fear and guilt that interferes with your growth and success
  • Create a personalized POWER roadmap to achieve your goals
  • Access the signature Ignite Au-mazing method
  • Bi-weekly assessments & accountability virtual sessions to keep you in radical action
  • Craft your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound) goals
  • Elevate and amplify your results to achieve faster and sooner


Group Coaching Sessions

In depth virtual group coaching sessions (masterminds) to support challenges and create success with communication, behavioral and parenting beyond diagnosis
  • 4- 6 Week LIVE Video Group Calls
  • Deep dive discovery virtual group coaching session
  • Au-mazing Gift Book Digital Workbook
  • In Group Coaching Support Calls
  • Discuss the 4 main pillars to Parenting & Autism
  • Identify toxic negativity vs positive energy mindset in parenting
  • Pre-Work Assessment
  • Move your parenting from dazed and striving to au-mazed and thriving
  • LIVE Bi-weekly group coaching sessions (in a private virtual platform) with Dr. Ali and other major influential experts
  • Weekly accountability check-in for additional support to not feel alone
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Weekly self-work assignments

Ignite Nation

Virtual Training

A community of like-minded people accessing monthly strategies and tools, coaching/mentoring and accountability for support to shift, ignite and empower you to gain clarity towards creating and surpassing your goals.
  • Exclusive and Immediate access to Over 15 hours of recorded virtual trainings with “ready to use” and “do it yourself” tools and techniques to improve behavior, communication, self care and your entrepreneurial skills
  • Live Q&A call bi-weekly via Zoom
  • Live monthly Training and Goal Activation Virtual masterclasses and training
  • Monthly accountability partner
  • Private positive support Facebook community of special needs mothers and au-mompreneurs