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Eight years ago, I was just like you..

For 8, LONG, painful years I suffered in silence, sometimes without even realizing it.
Being afraid to say the “a” (autism) and Zachary out loud.
Or feeling anxious (sometimes angry) when Zachary wasn’t hitting the same milestones as other kids.
Or feeling like my whole life had been taken over by the constant attention I needed to give my au-mazing child.
But there is another way that I’m going to show you.
And looking back now, I’d have given ANYTHING to have the same enjoyment with Zachary then, as I do now.

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A Journey to Autism Acceptance

I got the official diagnosis that my son was “autistic” (on the autism spectrum). Even though, I suspected earlier, because I saw the signs with him. As a mama and as a professional in the field, I knew clearly what some of the signs looked like (constant spinning or twirling, lack of eye contact, deep fascination with one topic, delayed speech production). Honestly, I didn’t want it to be true. For years, I didn’t want to say the words “Zachary” and “Autism” in the same sentence, out loud….


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For autism parents that aready to create solutions, find clarity and develop confidence navigating autism
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In depth group coaching sessions to highlight challenges with communication, behavioral and parenting challenges.
  • 6 Weekly 50-minute LIVE Video Group Calls
  • Au-Mazing Gift Video Training Program ($597 value)
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