Legacy Sales Card Deck

47 Power Moves to Magnify and Manifest Your Business into Profit and Impact

Introducing the Legacy Sales Deck: Your Path to Profound Transformation


Unlock the potential to magnify your business, realize unprecedented profits, and make a lasting impact with our Legacy Sales Deck. Packed with 47 strategic power moves, this deck is your ultimate guide to manifesting your business dreams into reality.

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a braver, more creative life? If you’re a fan of affirmation decks, seek daily inspiration from motivational quotes, and desire a guiding hand to navigate your goals and aspirations, then look no further. We’ve carefully crafted this deck with your needs in mind.

Meet the brilliant mind behind this passion project, Dr Alisha “Ali” Griffith. With an entire year devoted to its design and development, the Legacy Sales Deck is the culmination of her expertise and dedication. This deck equips you with the essential tools to source your next steps in both your personal and professional life.

You can get your own Legacy Sales Card Deck for only $97. We’ll ship it to you within just 2 business days (for US), ensuring that you can start your transformative journey without delay. Step into a future brimming with possibilities – order your Legacy Sales Deck now!

Explore the Legacy Sales Card Deck: Your Path to Manifestation and Empowerment

Looking for the perfect tool to embolden your journey towards a more courageous and creative life? Are you a fan of affirmation decks, motivated by inspirational quotes and daily doses of encouragement? Do you yearn for a supportive coach to help you navigate your goals and aspirations?

If these questions resonate with you, then our Legacy Sales Card Deck is tailor-made for your needs. Crafted with passion and expertise by Dr Ali Griffith, this deck has been a year in the making, all with the sole intention of providing you with the essential resources to manifest your life and career aspirations.


What’s Inside the Deck:

  • 47 exquisitely crafted cards, printed on sumptuously thick 400 GSM card stock.
  • Each card boasts a soft matte lamination finish.
  • Housed in a beautifully designed box with a convenient lid for easy access.
  • An accompanying printed guidebook that fits snugly inside the box.

About the Deck: Our vision was to create a deck that feels like having me, Dr. Ali, your dedicated coach by your side. Dr. Ali specializes in empowering women and moms, guiding them towards their most courageous paths, while thriving in the realm of their own potential, helping people construct lives that ignite their inner fire. We aim to empower you to manifest your dream of Legacy.

With a total of 47 cards, each bearing a unique word and image, you can rely on these cards to guide your daily or weekly journey. Beneath each word, you’ll find an uplifting phrase to encourage you as you embrace the card’s message.

The deck includes a comprehensive guidebook that offers practical support and ideas for living your CEO brave life. Each card is accompanied by a description, suggestions for next steps, and a thought-provoking question to use as a prompt for journaling and reflection.

The card artwork is thoughtfully designed, and abstract enough to allow you to form your own personal connections with the words on the cards.

Ways to Utilize the Deck: The Legacy Sales Card Deck offers endless possibilities for use! Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Draw a card each day to set the tone for your day’s journey.
  • Explore the deck and choose the card that resonates most with you, then contemplate how that idea manifests in your life.
  • Display a card on your desk to spark conversations with colleagues or clients.
  • Select a card daily as a journaling prompt, stimulating deep reflection.
  • Dive into the guidebook, cover to cover, and create a collage from the cards – remember, there are no rules in your journey of self-discovery!

Unlock the power of the Legacy Sales Card Deck and begin your transformative voyage today!

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