Back to Business: 3 steps to recharge your motivation

Back to Business: 3 steps to recharge your motivation

We have all hit slumps where it seems we have lost our motivation.

Sadly, too many of us stay derailed from moving forward because we allow our motivation to wane. Then we become stuck in a rut.

But this does NOT have to be your reality. How we choose to respond when we experience a dip in our motivation will determine if we experience success or a setback. There are three steps you can start today to help recharge your motivation and get back on track.

Remember why you started:

To jumpstart our motivation, we need to remember why we wanted to start in the first place. When we forget why we began, it can be easy to throw in the towel when the journey gets tough. We start to focus on all the reasons why we can’t move forward causing us to lose sight of the vision God gave us to move forward. Do you remember why you started your work out routine, decided to go back to school, or go after your dream? What were the prayers you prayed? What did God tell you to do to do? What is your why?

Recruit support

 Sometimes moving forward with our goals alone can be challenging, even for the most organized and productive. It’s even harder when your energy level is low, and life gets busy. Recruiting others to help along the journey as support and accountability can provide the additional umph to recharging our motivation.

Choose one or two people who can hold you accountable to take your next steps.  

Mompreneurs on Fire is our organization you can join today:

Make a decision not an excuse

 Discipline will always trump motivation. Sure, you may need the motivation to start, but discipline helps you finish. If we wait until we are motivated to do the homework, complete the workout, or attend the small group, none of those things may happen. Instead, choose to get it done instead of waiting until you “feel” like it. Your future you will thank you for not allowing excuses from becoming the barrier that keeps you from becoming your best self.

Entrepreneur Blocks: Unhealed Trauma in Your Business and Life with Marjorie

Entrepreneur Blocks: Unhealed Trauma in Your Business and Life with Marjorie

Entrepreneur Blocks: Unhealed Trauma in Your Business and Life with Marjorie

Heow do you process the unhealed traumas that show back up in your business and in your life?

In today’s episode of The Dr. Ali Griffith Show, we unpack and rebuild with our Business Expert Malorie Nicole. 

Malorie shows up in the world today trying to help people as best at they can break the blind spots and barriers that they are not aware of that are stopping them from fully showing up in business and leadership roles.

The people who come to Malorie usually are already has worked with a life coach similar to Dr. Ali, and already has an established business and are not feeling the way they want to feel- alignment is off, they are not feeling fulfilled – struggling with perfectionism, or have this business they now can’t step away from and they’ve lost themselves a little bit.

It’s so important that we’re addressing the mindset work and it doesn’t get caught up in our business success.

One of the biggest challenges that she hears from her clients is just feeling like they created something that they’re no longer that excited about.  A lot of the time this has nothing to do with the business- but when they work on themselves and heal that- the business is no longer an issue.

Watch the full podcast to hear from Malorie on how she works through these issues with clients!






Back to School, Back to Business: 5 Back-to-school Tips for working parents

Back to School, Back to Business: 5 Back-to-school Tips for working parents

Starting a new school year always brings a mixture of excitement and anxiety, and that’s at the best of times. This year’s return to school will look and feel a whole lot different for students, as well as for teachers and parents.

As working parents with our side hustle, it can be new, and challenging to get our focus back this year. That’s why I thought I would share some tips on for getting  the kids back to school AND getting back to business. That is why I’ve decided to create a blog with some tips on how to get back to business.


First and foremost, I want to stress that it’s OKAY to go through the emotions- nervous, anxious, unsure what to do  — we are experiencing unprecedented times. This does not make you a bad mom, or a bad employee or a bad entrepreneur. We have no playbook for living through this and certainly no idea of what the future is going to bring and you should take a step back right now, pat yourself on the back for doing the best you can given this. Fear of the unknown is normal. Our brains are designed to protect us from threats, both real and perceived. That’s our natural drive for self-preservation, and it kicks in whenever we feel uncertain, insecure or anxious. Who hasn’t felt that way at some point during all of this?


I always recommend surrounding yourself with like minded individuals who have the same priorities, or challenges so you can bounce ideas off each other and provide a level of support. That’s why we have a few Facebook groups to help with this (feel free to join using the links below!):

Mompreneurs on Fire 

Au-mazing Tribe: Autism Support with Dr. Ali Griffith

Positive Power Movers with Dr. Ali



It’s important to take a step back and re-evaluate the routine you once knew. Do you need to consider a priority shift in your day? Maybe take a look at what is gobbling up too much of your time, and start focusing on what your new routine will look like. This may mean it will take some time to get used to the new routine- but habits aren’t formed over night. Start by sitting down, creating a new routine that is going to work for you with the way things are now. Are your kids being homeschooled now instead of going in? Build that time in. Are you getting fatigued from all the social media and news panic around the pandemic? Look at moderating how much time you spend doing that versus consuming more positive news, or focusing that energy on your business.



It’s a process to figure out what works for you, don’t be afraid to try different ways to seek support and build your own resiliency. Many people find that peer-to-peer support is enough, where others find benefit when used alongside more intensive supports.


Knowing that others are experiencing the same challenges and having someone empathize can be a relief and a huge comfort. Sharing feelings and thoughts and having someone listen, is immensely valuable for supporting our mental health. As we navigate the next “new normal,” lean in to your community of support to gain reassurance and encouragement.

How I get back to business and back to reality

How I get back to business and back to reality

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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

Dropping a juicy biz nugget to reignite your 2020 business plans!

  How are you getting back to your “new normal” of business after the summer?

The good thing about what is happening right now is I get to press this button. The button helps We have to start pressing reignite. I press a button literaly at the end of summer before the kids go back to school, before we go back to work, I always schedule my break. I’m grateful I was abl to press that button. Now I feel re-energized and I’m super excited to bring Back to Business Week! 

For those of you that don’t know, Back to Business Week is a week full of FREE business tips and tricks, and topics ranging from time management, conserving your money energy space and tap into getting back into business!

How many of you feel like you need that resurgence? That extra UMPH? This is the TIME we have to get ourselves to gether because we still have a good 3 1/2 months left in this thing we call “2020” and I don’t know about you but are you giving up on 2020 or do you feel like you can still be victorious in 2020?

“Write  if you are or giving up ” emoji


Which one are you claiming? Type it out and let me know.  If you are done with 2020, then you don’t need to be in back to business, just chill and let it be. Buttttt for my MOMPRENEURS ON FIRE, for my moms in here that are ready to turn this up to the next level because there’s still a lot of 2020 left, this one is for you.. so we’re going to spend the next few weeks getting ourselves together, I’m going to catch you guys up and get you the information- if you’re interested in joining us for Back to Business Week I’m going to catch you guys up, we’re going to share some time management and maximizing strategies that’s going to take you and your business to the next LEVEL then DM me or keep a look out when we open up registration! It’s absolutely FREE- Daily Biz Tips included. The reason I created this is because I was in that same space years ago where I felt like I was alone in this and I couldn’t feel like I could balance it all – I had to balance Zachary, school, his diet, his therapy, my profession, and then my CEO hustle which has morphed into a 6 figure business – so I’m going to share with you some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned, I’m going to bring in some special people to share with you some tips they’ve learned so we can mazimize Q4 – There’s still a lot of game left in 2020!


Emotional Rollercoaster Part 3 Unfolding your Evolution and Progress with Dr. Ali

Emotional Rollercoaster Part 3 Unfolding your Evolution and Progress with Dr. Ali

Emotional Rollercoaster Part 3 Unfolding your Evolution and Progress with Dr. Ali

How do YOU unfold the evolution of your business and life into progress? In today’s solo episode Dr. Ali walks you through the process of evolving and unfolding into progress.

In this episode you will gain create your forecast, connect with your fellowship team and flow into your momentum towards progress.

Today’s show Dr. Ali Griffith is sharing the pathway to progress with forecasting, fellowship and flow right now.

Experience the journey from where we were to where we are growing into, with your business, life and then Flow Forward.

Ask yourselves:

How do we progress forward together? How do you shift gears and release into your NEXT?

What will your role be?

Access —>

Start and Grow Your Biz Guide and Checklist  

To get in direct contact with Dr. Ali Griffith go to

7 Mindset Business Moves to 6 Figure Success

7 Mindset Business Moves to 6 Figure Success

7 Mindset Business Moves to 6 Figure Success


Mom spend a lifetime self sabotaging in growing our businesses, or even starting our businesses.
This Biz Mindset Mastery Masterclass is for New and Emerging Mompreneurs to:

✔️ Learn 7 Mindset Systems to ‘get out of your own way’ of limiting beliefs, negative self talk and FEAR and shift your ‘mental gear’ UP to the 6 figures (and beyond) business highway

✔️Understand how to Avoid the Seven Habits that will keep you broken and broke, and help you break through each unexpected block on the business highway.

✔️Get Ready to Overcome the Overwhelm so that you can stay in motion, with your business dreams and ideas even when giving up seems like the easiest thing to do.

For More Information about the Biz PowerMove Biz Academy, apply at www.powermovebizacademy


How to end your week POWERfully FLOW

How to end your week POWERfully FLOW

How to end your week POWERfully FLOW


Today I want to allow yourself to be open to doing things that you don’t always do. End your week with something powerful by doing something different…by stepping out of your comfort zone. Trying something new. Accepting an offer you probably wouldn’t have said yes to before. 

I am sharing this because I was thinking about this interview I took this morning, and I usually reserve the mornings for me time. For parenting, for catching up on things. Today I decided to say yes to an interview, and it went great.   

How can you end your work powerfully so that you give yourself permission to see a different outcome? How do you choose to try something different today? 







3 Biz Tips to Build Memorable Connections as an Entrepreneur

3 Biz Tips to Build Memorable Connections as an Entrepreneur

3 Biz Tips to Build Memorable Connections as an Entrepreneur

I wanted to share with you these tips because I have realized that there are certain things that have caused my business to grow faster. In business, we’ll have to see what is missing. 

What’s the missing piece to what’s happening around us?

As to we’re watching, we’ll see what is not flowing the way it should be?

As we’re trying to find solutions, we have to be aware of the pain points. What is the need? What can we come in and offer a solution for?

Tune in to this episode to find out what biz tips I can offer to you as aspiring entreprenurs.






3 Biz Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

3 Biz Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

3 Biz Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In today’s show it is Dr. Ali is sharing 3 Biz Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

How you can start a business, turn your dreams into dollars, getting clear and creating that plan to activate these dreams into cha-CHING!

As a little girl, I’ve always wanted to work with children. I’ve always wanted to help people. And I knew I wanted to have money. I saw my mom struggle for a long time. The more she worked, and the more I saw her give for our family and get up every morning- she’s a single parent mom- so she tried to do the best she could.  The more she worked the more I began to realize I didn’t want to work so hard for the rest of my life. I wanted to do the things I am passionate about. Do the things I was excited about. and impact others around me.

So if you’re sitting there and you’re looking at each other and saying you know, what that’s me. I don’t want to work as hard as my parents and feel overwhelmed and I want to do something that is going to impact others around me and make some CASH. 


1) Get clear on the ideas that you have

A lot of us are walking around with many ideas. We know we’re good at a lot of things. We may be good at doing hair or make up. We all have our own unique strengths and skills and sometimes do not know which ones to move forward with. The first thing you need to do is get clear. Write down all the things people come to you for. What do people tell you that you do amazingly well? What do you get excited about doing every day? Write down 5-10 of qualities or strengths that people come to you for that you actually enjoy doing.


2) Create a vision

Now that we know what we want to do, we want to create a vision, like a forecast. You know in the morning when you wake up and you’re trying to decide what to wear? I usually look at the forecast and look outside to see what the day will look like. You are going to want to do this with your vision. Know where you want to take this vision. What is your vision? How do you want to put this into play? Within the next 3-5 years I’d like to turn X into X. We’re dreaming. An ideal world, if I had the money to fund it and perfect circumstances, what would we do to get clear on our vision?

Sometimes you have to think outside the box. What else can I do with this vision that maybe everyone else is not doing? If I do hair, how can I do hair that’s unique? That’s a signature that reflects “me”. We all have something that distinguishes us from somebody else. How do we add that to our vision and forecast. We know that you have ideas, but let’s create this vision.

How can you turn the dream you have into something that you can actually create? A vision of what it could be if it were the ideal circumstances. Because a lot of us talk ourselves out of us. We don’t have enough. I’m not enough. I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough resources.

Let’s not think about that.

If we had the resources

If we had the money

If we had the time

What would we do?

That allows us to stretch our dream and create something truly amazing.

3) Planning

Now we sit down and say this is what we’re really good, this is what my dream is and now we’re going to create our plan. Think about the first step. What’s the first step? What would it be called? What’s the name of this vision/business/idea that you are going to conceptualize into a business.

I have a source where you can do a name search to see if that name is taken.

Start and Grow your Biz will help you find tips and tricks to getting started your business. Download your free guide now. 


How to Root, Rebound and Rise with Dr. Cheri S2 Ep 24

How to Root, Rebound and Rise with Dr. Cheri S2 Ep 24

Today you’re in for a special treat because our guest this time is the lovely Dr. Cheri McDonald, LMFT, Trauma Therapist and Life Mastery Coach at A Place To Turn Inc. #BreakFreeMovement

In this episode she’ll be sharing some au-mazing motivational and mindset shifting practices, tips and strategies on how to root, rebound, and rise. But what does that all mean? You’ll have to listen to find out!

This is one episode you do NOT want to miss out on. Tune in now and be sure to pass this along to a friend who needs to here this message today.

More information about Dr. Cheri:

Dr. Cheri McDonald is a 35-year veteran that runs one of the hottest psychotherapy practices in the country. She is a bestselling author of 2 books with the 3rd on its way. Dr. Cheri believes that we are bombarded with hate and negativity by the media every day that is contrary to our human nature and it impacts our ability to trust and become personally vulnerable. This can leads to a cycle of loneliness and isolation which can difficult to break.

According to Dr. Cheri, therapy is a great practice where individuals can gain tools and relief, but oftentimes the work a patient does in the therapy room does not get translated to the real world. Dr. Cheri noticed that far too times, the patient would end up right back in her office, the next time they experienced a traumatic event. She had discovered that complete healing and life mastery continue outside the 4 walls.

Make sure to comment, leave your reviews, rate this episode, and subscribe to The Dr. Ali Griffith Show.

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