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Not so simply put,


Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith
is a Powerhouse.

A published author, transformational speaker and a startup business coach for women, she has dedicated her career to helping women to start profitable businesses and create wealth.

Her proven path to profitability— laser clarity, systems and sales—takes business owners from brand new to badass.
With an incomparable blend of business strategy and personal development, there is a depth to her coaching that is unmatched.

An audiologist and speech pathologist by profession, Dr. Ali is trained to hear people so she can feel them. She supports women in getting to the heart of what they really should be doing in the world, and how to get there. Whether they are wives, mothers or career professionals who are seeking schedule and financial freedom, Dr. Ali shows women how to have it all with highly functioning systems and strategies that maximize their time, talents and profitability. A believer that mindset goes hand-in-hand with money, she coaches clients through everything from their fear of sales to breakdowns in their personal lives.

Leading by example, Dr. Ali is building a tribe of won’t-stop women who can fight through life’s unexpected and exceptional challenges—every day—and live lives that leave legacies.

“”Dr. Ali has been one of the master volunteers, trainers and coaches on my campus and now she’s available for the world. She has spent the time in the trenches learning how to be an effective, valuable and result producing coach.
She continues to help women to tap into their core passion, power and perseverance as mothers…
So, if you want massive results in your life, ready to live your dreams, while supporting your child to live and stand in their own power and own their dreams? If you don’t want to wait for the next three to five years, then get a coach that can get you there, that can take you there and that will walk with you while you get there.”

Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Mentor

Introducing Mompreneurs on Fire

Are you a busy mom stuck in “mom chaos”? Do you want to take your business to the next level? Are you looking for motivation because of all the pressures around you? Are you looking for encouragement? Support? Others around you that can let you know they’ve been there before. I help busy moms like myself ignite their businesses, scale it to unrecognizable levels, and create a legacy that your children and your children’s children can grow from.

Welcome to the Tribe 

With an incomparable blend of business strategy, personal development tools, and God-given grit, Dr. Ali has dedicated her career to helping women to start profitable businesses and create wealth on their own time. Masterful at making what’s complicated simple and what’s unachievable possible, she shows women how to achieve laser clarity and implement systems that maximize their time and profitability. With Dr. Ali, women get rapid results in their businesses and lives. They are richer. They are stronger. They are running
businesses and living lives the only way they should
be—on their own time and their own terms.



No woman can be defined,
no lived experience can be
compared. I empower my
clients to live a truly authentic
existence that is right for
them, for their business, for
their personal life.



As mothers and
entrepreneurs, resilience is our
middle name. I assist my
clients to build their resilience
to new levels, ready to
overcome any challenge that
has been set in their path. 



Building a trusting
relationship with clients is
one of my main aims. When
there is trust, there is
comfort and when we are
comfortable we can soar to
levels previously unknown.


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“I help global leaders all over to build multi million dollar businesses and Dr. Ali is one of my students and accountability coaches. So when you get her, you get me. We are the money!  She will help you monetize what you do, take your side hustle and turn it into a profitable business. Dr. Ali will also teach you the foundation of what you need to do, to make your life unreasonable.”

Susie Carder, Profit Coach

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Dr. Ali’s Simple Biz Moves to START and GROW your own business NOW.

15 Must Do Actions  to turn your Dreams Into Decisions

Meet Smart Fit Fam

Our mission is to inspire improved health, nutrition, wellness and fitness lifestyles of families with children with special needs. We believe in recognizing each child as individual and discovering their areas of strengths and challenges.

Our goal as a community of parents, therapists, family and friends, is to enhance and develop their strengths AND help to improve their challenges.

  • We cultivate safe, informative and friendly support.
  • Our model is built around professional experts and personal experiences.
  • We create a support network with other organizations.

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