Powerful Speaking Topics

From the minute Dr. Ali steps in front of the audience, an immediate shift in energy occurs. 

Her au-mazing keynotes, workshops and seminars are filled with inspiration, motivation and leads to powerful transformations. She gracefully brings the audience along with her on the journey and shifts with them through fear, frustration and fantasy into BOLD action, by sharing her “ unique” insights, experiences and formulas.

Topics are customized and uniquely tailored for audiences including corporations, associations, organizations, conferences, churches, retreats and workshops. Just like working with our parents and children with autism, each audience is unique and different.

As a result of sitting in the audience or listening to my voice over any platform, you become immediately captivated, connected and captioned by the tone, words and stories shared about challenges that will make you nod, cry AND SMILE. 

You, as the listener will leave feeling more informed, stimulated to make changes, and motivated to be and most importantly “DO” better

Ignite your INNER fire

✓ Shift Your ENERGY to make it happen

✓ Make Power Moves to Meet your Goals
✓ Identifying your Authentic You


Most Requested Topics

Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance

  • Diagnosed with Autism now what? Learn how this mom and professional navigate the journey from denial to autism acceptance. This session teaches 3-5 fundamental success to strategies to help you power move to acceptance.

Dr. Ali shares:

  • How to apply these steps in our lives as parents, caregivers and support team.
  •  How to shift your energy to”make it happen”.
  •  How to find your inner fire, create a support network and navigate through the challenging times.

5 Communication Strategies to Connect with Autism Parents

  • Learn 5 strategies on how to create, communicate and connect to deepen relationships with parents, families and children with autism.
  • How to speak with Autism Parents when they are not listening

Dr. Ali shares:

  • 5 key phrases to establish relationships
  • 3 biggest obstacles autism parents are facing
  • 2 immediate actions to implement understanding and connection
  • 5 Autism Parenting Strategies Toolkit
  • Learn strategies in 5 key areas in parenting Autism
  • Recognizing the early signs of Autism
  • Creating harmony in the home (self-care, parenting, work etc.)
  • Finding support along the journey

Why do meeting planners love working with Dr. Alisha "Ali" Griffith?

From the first smile and hug she gives as she walks through the door, to being readily available to support . She is authentic, receptive and “easy to work with” in all cultural environments. There is easy access to her bio and pictures, as needed. Dr. Ali will assist in marketing the event to her combined social platforms of over 10,000 supporters.

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