Navigating the Holiday Hustle: A Guide to Finding Bliss & Biz in the Midst of Chaos

Navigating the Holiday Hustle: A Guide to Finding Bliss & Biz in the Midst of Chaos

The holiday season, often considered a time of joy and celebration, can turn into a chaotic juggling act for individuals navigating the intricate balance of family responsibilities and running a successful business.

Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith, a mom acquainted with the unique challenges of special needs parenting while managing a thriving six-figure business, shares insights on how to discover moments of peace and joy amidst the holiday hustle.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the importance of integrating bliss and business during this festive season and explore five invaluable tips to maintain sanity and success.

The Significance of Bliss & Biz During the Holidays

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of personal well-being and professional success. Dr. Ali Griffith emphasizes that taking a breather is not a luxury but a survival skill – a crucial factor that not only rejuvenates individuals but also fuels their capabilities as successful business owners.

The holidays are not merely about surviving; they present an opportunity to thrive both personally and professionally. This section will elaborate on the vital connection between bliss and business, emphasizing their intertwined nature.

Five Tips for a Blissful Holiday Hustle

  1. Show Yourself Some Love: In the chaos of the holiday season, it’s easy to neglect self-care. Dr. Ali Griffith advocates for making self-love a non-negotiable part of the routine. Whether it’s stealing a quiet moment with a favorite brew, a quick stroll, or a mini-meditation, these acts of self-love contribute to maintaining emotional and mental well-being.
  2. Draw the Line: Setting boundaries is highlighted as a superpower essential for navigating the holiday hustle successfully. This section will delve into strategies for effectively communicating boundaries with both the team and family, emphasizing the importance of protecting personal time as a secret sauce for keeping chaos at bay.
  3. You Don’t Have to Do It All: Acknowledging the limitations of being human, Dr. Ali Griffith suggests delegating tasks and outsourcing aspects of business that aren’t one’s strengths. This tip encourages readers to give themselves the gift of time, allowing them to focus on what truly matters during the holiday season.
  4. Breaks Are Not Optional: Drawing parallels with crucial work commitments, this section emphasizes the necessity of scheduling downtime. Whether it’s a quick breather, a snack attack, or a moment of contemplation, breaks are presented as essential components for maintaining mental clarity and preventing burnout.
  5. Cheers to Small Wins: Celebrating victories, regardless of their size, is positioned as a way to uplift one’s spirit during the holiday hustle. Dr. Ali Griffith encourages readers to acknowledge and celebrate achievements, fostering a positive mindset and creating a sense of accomplishment.

The Ongoing Adventure of Bliss & Biz

Finding the sweet spot between bliss and business during the holidays is portrayed as an ongoing adventure rather than a one-time achievement. This section will explore the concept of continuous improvement and adaptation, encouraging readers to view the pursuit of balance as a dynamic and evolving process.

As the holiday season unfolds, Dr. Ali Griffith’s message resonates – it’s possible to navigate the holiday hustle successfully by integrating moments of joy, relaxation, and business success. This conclusion will summarize key takeaways, reinforcing the idea that, amidst the chaos, there exists a path to finding bliss and business harmony.

Wishing readers a holiday season filled with laughter, victories, and the good stuff, the blog post concludes with warm regards and an invitation to embrace the ongoing adventure of balancing bliss and business.” – Dr. Ali Griffith

Embracing Change: Your Ultimate Guide to Personal and Professional Growth

Embracing Change: Your Ultimate Guide to Personal and Professional Growth

Change is a constant force in our lives, a dynamic dance partner guiding us through the twists and turns of our personal and professional journeys. In this extensive guide, we will explore the transformative power of embracing change as the catalyst for unparalleled growth. From adaptability to innovation, navigating uncertainty to global perspectives, and crafting your success tale, each section will be a step-by-step exploration of how change can be harnessed for success. Let’s delve into the intricacies of each aspect and discover the keys to unlocking your full potential.

Adaptability – Your Secret Weapon

Imagine a waltz through the corridors of success, where your dance partner is none other than change. But this isn’t just about keeping pace; it’s about thriving in the rhythmic embrace of adaptability. Learn how to turn change from a potential stumbling block into your secret weapon. Uncover the strategies that can help you not just cope but flourish in the face of evolving circumstances.

Innovation Unleashed Through Change

Change is not merely a shift in circumstances; it’s a blank canvas waiting for the strokes of your genius. Discover how to leverage change as the canvas for your masterpieces of ideas and opportunities. Dive into inspiring stories of individuals who turned challenges into symphonies of success, and learn how you can follow in their footsteps. This section will provide actionable insights into fostering innovation and creativity in the midst of change.

Navigating Uncertainty with a Swagger

Ever wished you could navigate uncertainty with style? This section is your dance lesson. Learn the moves to embrace change not as a pesky hurdle but as a trampoline for growth. Picture uncertainty as your chance to flip and bounce into new heights. We’ll explore practical strategies for building resilience and facing uncertainty with confidence, ensuring that you not only weather the storm but come out stronger on the other side.

Global Perspectives on Change and Triumph

Take a global tour of success and understand how change speaks a universal language. This section will explore the significance of adopting an international mindset as your passport to a world of growth. Gain insights into how successful individuals and businesses leverage change on a global scale. Uncover the keys to expanding your perspectives and embracing opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries.

Crafting Your Success Tale Through Change

Think of change like the cool friend who spices up your story – it’s your secret sauce for a more exciting journey. Instead of seeing it as a roadblock, treat change as your creative buddy, making you better and unlocking your hidden talents. And hey, speaking of buddies, consider the Legacy Sales Academy as your support squad. We’re here to make the change journey more fun and less daunting. Join us, and let’s turn change into your growth sidekick, helping you create a success story that’s all about your resilience and ability to roll with the punches.

Feel the rhythm of change, paint your canvas of opportunities, dance through uncertainty, embrace global perspectives, and craft your success story with flair.

The journey of growth and triumph begins with a single step—the step of embracing change.

As you embark on this transformative adventure, remember that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. Cheers to your success and the incredible journey ahead!

Get Ready to Crush Your October with Insanely Clever Fall Marketing Ideas That Will Make Sales Soar!

Get Ready to Crush Your October with Insanely Clever Fall Marketing Ideas That Will Make Sales Soar!

Hey there, savvy marketer! Are you struggling to find the perfect way to promote your products without sounding like a pushy salesperson? Well, worry no more! We’ve got some mind-blowing fall marketing ideas that will take your sales to new heights, all while keeping things fun, conversational, and witty!

But wait, before we dive into these marketing gems, let’s take a moment to connect.

We have an exclusive community just waiting for you to join! Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on the support and encouragement from our amazing boss babes. So, hop on board and join us right here!

Alright, now let’s get down to business and unveil our Top 5 Proven Fall Marketing Ideas along with some killer tips on how to launch your brand like a pro:

1. Fall Flash Sales – The Emergency Unicorn!

  • Picture this: You’re scrolling through your favorite online store, and suddenly, you come across a jaw-dropping discount that’s only available for a ridiculously short amount of time – maybe even just one day! Talk about pressure, right? Well, that’s the magic of fall flash sales! These short-lived discounts create a sense of urgency that makes customers whip out their wallets faster than you can say “autumn leaves.” To really make it pop, slap a countdown timer on your sales page and pair it with some scroll-stopping images. And don’t forget to pour your heart and soul into crafting irresistible sales content that will leave your customers craving more.

2. Fall Bundle Ideas – The More, the Merrier!

  • Ah, bundles, the superheroes of the sales world. Imagine this: You take your top three best-selling products or courses, bundle them up like a fall-scented gift, and offer them at a price so good it’s practically stealing! What could be more enticing than that? Now, here’s the secret sauce: create a sense of urgency by letting your followers in on the fact that this bundle will only be available for a limited time – let’s say three days – and then POOF it’s gone forever (well, at least until next autumn). This scarcity tactic will have your customers racing to snatch up this unbeatable deal before it disappears into the misty autumn air.

3. Fall Giveaways – What’s Not to Love?

  • Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? That’s why giveaways are the ultimate weapon when it comes to boosting brand recognition and gaining more followers and fans. Think of it as expanding your business empire, one giveaway at a time. But here’s the catch: you’ve got to lay down some ground rules. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a complex legal document here. Just set some simple, fun rules that will help you get in front of more people. After all, the more, the merrier, right? So, get those creative juices flowing and plan a giveaway that will have your audience drooling over their keyboards, desperately trying to get their hands on your amazing prizes.

4. Fall Special Deals – A Whole Week of Awesomeness!

  • Are you ready to transform your fall into an epic sales bonanza? Say hello to fall special deals! Think of it as a limited-time offer but with a twist. Instead of focusing on just one product, choose seven different ones and promote a different gem each day for a whole week. You might be thinking, “Won’t I annoy my followers with all these sales posts?” Fear not! Honesty is the best policy, so be transparent and let your audience know you’re unleashing a whole week of special deals. And hey, who can resist a good discount on their favorite products? Mix in some inspirational stories to keep things fresh and exciting, and watch your sales skyrocket!

5. Goodbye Summer Sale – The Ultimate Farewell Bash!

  • As the summer sun begins to fade, it’s time to bid farewell and celebrate the arrival of fall with gusto. Enter the “Goodbye Summer Sale” – a chance to do some spring cleaning for your business, but in autumn. If you have any summer-related products, now’s the time to give them a warm discount hug. But don’t worry, even if your products have no direct ties to sunny days and beach vibes, you can still join the party! Simply choose a few items you’d like to sell more of, whip up a fantastic discount code, and voila – you’re ready to make some sales magic happen!

So there you have it, the five incredible fall marketing ideas that will have you strutting your stuff and raking in the sales like a pro. Remember, these ideas are all about putting yourself and your products out there. After all, people can’t buy what they don’t know about! So, buckle up, embrace the discounts as a way to help your followers make faster buying decisions, and get ready to see your income skyrocket!

Now, grab a piece of paper and start jotting down the fall marketing ideas that speak to your soul. Let your inner marketing maestro take the reins and start planning your fall promotions and campaigns like a boss. And hey, if you have any questions or simply want to nerd out about marketing with us, drop a question in our group or schedule a free 10-minute chat with yours truly. We’re here to support you on your journey to fall marketing greatness! [Schedule your chat now!]

So go forth, empower those fall vibes, and let the world know what you’ve got to offer. Happy fall marketing, rockstar!

How to handle “No Shows”

How to handle “No Shows”

Today, I scheduled an interview with one of my fellow mompreneur at the academy. In case you don’t know, our tribe focuses on a certain amount of public relations touches each month. It’s part of our strategic plan (Hence, the reason why I want you in there). 

So how do you handle no-shows? When you have things scheduled – whether they’re clients, whether they’re interviews, whether they’re people who you’re supposed to meet up with. How do you deal with the moment of rejection? Because honestly, that’s what it feels like. I remember when I first got into this game of being an entrepreneur, being out there increasing my visibility that initially when I would get the no-shows. And you know what? I would take that as a shot to my heart, like a shot to my heart literally which left questioning myself “Oh my God! What’s wrong with me? Is there something wrong with me? Did my breath smell?” It’s like I’lI be ready and then when no one shows up I begin to question myself (let me know if this has happened to you too). 

It’s also the reason why I posted it on all of my social media and here on my website. (I’ll be real, I never posted it because I didn’t think it was a teaching lesson.)  And I also realised today that you all need to know that I get “no-shows” too. That I would schedule things, I’d clear my calendar, I’d shift things around (skipping my morning bike-ride), and shifting my whole life aside for this interview that did not show. So I’m going to keep it real with you, I was salty. I was like: “I ain’t rescheduling, this is unprofessional, they should’ve at least let me know in an email.” But I’ve also learned that things happen and that we have to have a forgiving spirit to a space where we don’t take everything so personally. So how do we handle it when it happens? Here’s some 3 tips on how you can handle it:

 First, don’t take it personal. It’s not anything directed towards you, it doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. It’s just on the other end, unexpected things happen. 

Second, have grace. Have grace in space because sometimes it’s you. I literally have grace in space because sometimes it could be me.  Like I remember from my show “Dr Ali Griffith’s Mindset Meditation and Motivation” when I am revamping it this summer, (somebody holds me accountable) I want to record 20 recordings over the summer (21 if I’m feeling froggy). Aside from revamping, I also want to theme-launch Legacy Brand Academy because our Anthology is coming out! So I say all that to have grace with the space because I remembered when I was a host and unexpected things happened. I’d have to cancel those things I planned in advance and sometimes I may not even be near a space where I can send an email. I really feel horrible at those times… 

This happens also for my clients when I had my sessions. I mean, I would like to say my hit rate in terms of making my sessions for my clients is about 90%. So when the person who was on the other end didn’t show up, I followed up with them and try to make adjustments to make up for our lost session. I don’t play with their sessions unless something has happened in my life, I shifted some sessions during our family — going through the process with my papa Roy. But other than that, I honor time. I think I honor time so much that if I tell you I’m going to be someplace, I’m going to be someplace. I’m not that person you have to double check to see if I’m coming. Once I say I’m coming, once I put it into my calendar I will be there. But life happens and when life happens I want people to have grace with me. So if I want them to have grace with me, then I have to have grace with them. 

Lastly, redirect the time. Once your face is beat, once you’re feeling ready for it then record your own stuff. Now is the time for you to turn on the camera, create those reels, create that landing page video, create that thank you page video, there’s a whole list of videos that we all should have a standard video. Go to that list and start creating, because you’re already ready, and now you can’t use the excuse that you don’t have time, because you had a whole half an hour blocked out in your schedule for that interview, so now get to it! “Get to it!” that’s what I tell myself, “Get to it, get to it Ali!” So y’all go see a tiktok with this dress on, you’re going to see a video with this dress and earrings — look at it now. Because we’re going to repurpose the time. So a no-show is not necessarily a no-go, it is time for you to focus on you, and focus on your brand, and what can you do with that at the same time. 

The Secret to Consistency with my clients and Predictable Growth Revenue

The Secret to Consistency with my clients and Predictable Growth Revenue

I just got off a call and it was actually an accountability pod call with some of my clients in my academy. They were sharing some of the things that they’re working on next. I began to think about some of the growth I’ve seen, some are consistent growth across the pattern. I’m saying “pattern” because sometimes it has to be a pattern for you to notice what is the system in the process. 

Now, on a scale of 1-10. Tell me, are you being consistent with your business? Everything’s running smoothly? I want you to keep it REAL. It’s okay if you’re not consistent, not everything’s going according to your plan and this is a very common pattern I noticed as a coach of CEOs. Not having strength, consistent progress, and growth for their business is one of the common struggles as a business owner.

And thanks for keeping it real! To be honest, being consistent is one of the things that is super challenging. Especially for moms, busy moms, and moms that have special needs children. This is also applicable for professionals out there who are trying to juggle everything!

When we’re trying to juggle everything, one of the balls are always dropping. And when it happens, it makes it harder for us to have that consistency in our life and in our business. (Real recognizes real, right?)

If you’ve been following me for months, either on facebook or instagram, emails, blogs, You know that I am consistent. 

You know that you’ll see something from me almost every single day. You’ll see me showing up in my business or just sharing my life. And if you want to see the books I published, you’ll see the backend of my system. The growth and revenue on my business are consistent as well as my client’s business too. 

Some of the things we notice are the biggest & most common challenge: it is when things happen that derail us. Those Unpredictable moments.

When something unpredictable happens, a lot of us tend to fall by the wayside and we have to be okay with that, sis! We got to be okay with the fact that everything can’t be 100% okay. 

So here’s the number one secret for consistency… Are you ready?? Ready for consistent revenue & growth?

This is something I had to find out. It was a hard lesson for me to find out. The number one lesson is making sure that I celebrate my baby wins. (And y’all expecting something gigantic, right? lol) BUT baby wins matter! It matters because sometimes we forget to celebrate the little steps, the little things we get to accomplish. The little course that we’ve made between where we were a few years ago compared to where we are now. You should always break it down from work -to family – to business. Remember, there’s no such thing as balance. What’s important is you make it work!

I gave up balance a long time ago when my coach, Lisa Nichols, said “There’s no such thing as balance but there’s something we call harmony.” – that clears up everything.

I stopped trying to get the same amount of time spent with my family, work, and business because it’s not true. What I focused on is having the concentrated effort to make sure that you’re touching in the specific areas that are super important to you and to your future. 

In case you didn’t know, I’m a legacy-driven coach and I speak a lot of pop-up shops BUT I also believe in taking time. 

I don’t believe that we need to do everything in a rush but I do believe that we should take the time to instil one step at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.

We’ll feel overwhelmed when we keep on trying to do so much that we can do in a day. My son, Zachary, is my best teacher. He’s the one that has helped me to slow things down and to create consistent steps. Meaning: I’m going to take a step today and maybe another step tomorrow. But by the next 2 or 3 days, there’ll be another step. Some days, when we have the energy and momentum then we can take a few steps on those days. 

But we should always be okay on those days when we’re not floating high or on the days that a lot is going on. We should know our body and know when we are operating in higher vibrations and when we are not. If we’re not, those are not the times to focus on those specific things.

How to Shift Your Mindset?

How to Shift Your Mindset?

Mindset is such a powerful thing, and I encourage you to tap into yours.

Your mind made you who you are today.

Shifting your mindset gives you the tools to identify and change habits, attitudes, expectations and core beliefs that hold you back.

It’s recalibrating your compass. It takes you from thinking differently about yourself to actually believing in yourself. Because thinking differently about yourself won’t change you permanently. Believing differently will!

So start with the mind. Start with the mentee. 

For the next seven days, you write down your first three thoughts in the morning. Start noticing and observing what are your first three thoughts in the morning that shapes your day? Write it down, don’t change them. Just get up in the morning and think what are your first three thoughts. Also, get clear on what are your three last thoughts in the night. 

I live in New York so I’m always going to hear stuff around me, and I’ve learned to totally ignore that. I learned to stop thinking about the negative, to start thinking that something good is going to happen out of this. 

Let’s start doing the action work. Let’s start doing the things that shift in the results. 

You want to see maximum results in your Personal Life? You want to see maximum results with your children and/or in your business? Then everything first starts with YOU. 

Don’t think of everyone else, stop blaming everyone else. Start taking full control over the one thing that you have full control of. Take that finger, turn it around and point it directly at yourself. Get to work, write down the things as soon as you wake up in the morning, and before you go to bed at night, what are those three thoughts that you’re thinking about? Once you start looking at them at the end of the week, then you’ll start to see where you need to start shifting. How can you intentionally shift some of those thoughts throughout the day? Let me help you, join my tribe here: