1. “He already knows that I’m his friend” (blunt response )

2. Separating your self-makes it easier? Shaun: “It does”
3. The graphics of how Dr. Shaun Henry’s mind calculates to result in
“its not schizophrenia its a brain tumor”
4. Can you say hello for me…Shaun responds literally “hello”
5. Shaun “You need to help me because I can’t do it alone.”
6. Signs of a meltdown with autism.. Overstimulation of all the sounds, dogs barking, tin cups and more to hold his need to find Harry * covers ears*
7. “I have a neurological condition i will always have it
You have a neurological condition too, but yours can be cured…you just need some surgery”
8. Jared “Shaun communicated and connected with him, for him to come in
9. Shaun tries to reach out to touch Jared, as a kind gesture, …and is able to do a brief touch with his elbow. #win
10. I have a long journey ahead of me.. ” I understand..I’m going with you.”
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