Be Authentically YOU

Be Authentically YOU

There was a time where I tried to walk straight, to be like everyone else, I tried to “fit in”

You see this accent? It’s a caribbean dialect that I ALSO tried to get rid of. 
However one of my coaches, Lisa Nichols, told me “just be YOU. Your voice is cool, it’s authentic and it makes you very memorable. That is the moment when I got the final permission to be myself. 
Be authentically you. 

The minute you start incorporating that in your life, and be authentically yourself, and stop being like everyone else, that will be when you will be the most memorable person in the room. 


Get a SKILLED squad

Get a SKILLED squad

You don’t want just any squad. 

You want a team of people who have geniuses in their own areas. 
Perfect example: when you’re working with your child, you want to make sure your therapists are all certified, the teacher is skilled at what they’re teaching, and your pediatrician is top of the line and knows information about the special needs for your child. 
Now when you apply these concepts to YOUR squad  to your business you want to make sure your digital team is skilled at what they’re doing. 
Social media, marketing, email, graphics. Make sure you’re asessing their producutivty and the results they provide. 
They are what let others know that you are functioning towards maximum capacity. They are your brand. STOP doing it alone. Stop trying to figure it out. 
Choose people that you know, if you’re not there, they represent your brand equuivocally. 
Be a solution ACTIVATOR

Be a solution ACTIVATOR

Today’s Tip of the Week has to do with Solving Problems. 

Think of a problem you have been dealing with lately
Problems are going to arise.

Now we have to understand we have to reach barriers, challenges and things in our way. But what I want you to do is focus on the solutions that you have. 

FOCUS on the solutions that you HAVE. 

I do believe we were all equipped with solutions, but we let our mindset talk us out of finding those solutions. 
Sometimes we get so caught up in the problem that we have no idea that there are actually simple solutions. 
Activate and acknowledge the problem. Sit in it for a second and move towards a solution. 
The solution is not hard you may think.

Turn into a SOLUTION Activator. 
So many of us get stuck on a problem, an obstacle, a challenge and we get so caught up on the “problem” that we don’t easily see the solutions in front of us. 
You can make it happen. Move towards increasing productivity by focusing on solutions and less on problems. 
A lot of folks come to me because they say “Dr. Ali, how do figure out how to move forward when so many challenges happen almost every single day”
I’m raising a son with special needs, at times, challenges upon challenges keep showing up. 
What do I do?
I acknowledge it. I accept it and think, what’s the solution?
A lot of times it’s right before my eyes. 

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