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How did this autism mom expert end up on Good Morning America?!?

This morning, as I sat in the car service that picks up the Good Morning America guests and experts, I reflected on how the heck did I even get here!

Initially I was hesitant to say “YES” because the invite!

Do you believe that I thought of saying no, because I was already scheduled to be in St. Lucia for vacation! Plus, I was not being asked to come as the guest expert or anything even related to being an autism expert, autism parenting strategist or even as the author of my #1 best seller Au-Mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance! Then the reality HIT ME…after I spoke to my coaches and mentors, that this was a BIG DEAL!

1. It was an amazing honor to be selected.

2. It also allowed me the visibility to many other “autism moms” to SHOW them about au-mazing opportunities that are possible as an autism mom.

3. It was an opportunity to learn behind the scenes and to meeting actual producers and other behind the scenes key people in GOOD MORNING AMERICA. My “YES” as a model for this segment came from these three applied success lessons that are in Au-Mazing Gift:

Accept being different: The Good Morning America segment was a spin off from responding to a model call for a magazine, First for Women for a summer makeover. I have never done professional modeling before, but decided to accept that I was a different type of model, an autism mom expert with an edgy look! First, I had to accept my own differences before I expected anyone else, especially AMERICA, to see and accept me.

Unique Strengths: Even though I wasn’t the average size 2 or 4 model sizes desired for magazines or television, choosing the do a makeover entry and appearing on Good Morning America was going to require GUTS! Identifying my beauty and the fact that I have a beautiful, smile, personality and was READY as I have from been a motivational speaker, trainer and positioned in front of audiences in different ways. These were some of my unique strengths.

BE a Noise Maker: In Au-Mazing Gift and the masterclasses I teach autism moms, caregivers and families is to use every moment and access as an opportunity to educate, raise autism awareness and transform the world into accepting the beauty and gifts across autism. Years of hard work, consistency and thinking outside of the box, especially as an autism mom and communication expert, lead to my reaching on Good Morning America. To learn more about the actual steps to the “how” I created this experience and many more sign up to receive updated information, autism parenting strategies and more.