How to prepare your business for Summer Ready-ness

How to prepare your business for Summer Ready-ness

Let’s talk about Summer Readiness, how we can get our life and business prepared for success even during summer. I’m super excited about this because I still think we have time, right? Many of us are feeling like we’re running out of time, like  “Oh my God, it’s summer already” and I still think that we can set up our business for success. 

If you haven’t started already then you need to jump on the bandwagon now, you need to understand that all successful businesses are prepared for summer. Each business looks different during each season and we need to start getting really fine-tuned to what our business looks like during different seasons. Some of the things we need to understand are: What our ideal audience are doing during summer? 

How can we still attract, appeal, and connect to them? 

Eventually, how can we convert leads to be our clients even during summer time?

Now, let me know in the comments below “Is summer a high-peak time? Or is it a low-peak time for your business?” And I do believe that it’s super important to understand.

For my audience, which are mostly moms and moms (like me) are usually super busy in the summer because we have to do more things with our kids. We’re usually planning vacations or going on vacations, and our open-times are “very” very limited. I feel like our times are always limited BUT more so in the summer! 

So, the idea is that I will put together/produce something that will incorporate and include for doing things with your kids. (And/or doing things in the nighttime after the kids are down, right?) It’ll include short bursts because I do understand some of us will be going out of town for certain weeks, but it’s not going to be the entire summer that we’re going to shut the business down. We can’t shut the business down for the whole summer and if you are? Let me know in the comments. Then, some of us are actually going to launch something during the summer. So if you’re going to launch something during the summer, what are you going to launch? And how could we get ahead so that you could have a successful launch? 

Now, please remember launches are not literally putting things out and “Okay, I produced the book. Here’s the book” – It’s not like that. There’s a whole process behind having a successful launch. I showed you a lot of that when I did Zachary’s book launch, when I did my podcast launch, and for those who have been around: most recently is when I’ve done my retreat’s launches, it talks about how it takes a lot of time and the process behind it. 

So what I wanted to do this summer is actually create like a launch camp, where we can kind of launch together. Especially understanding the process and knowing that when we launch together,  we have better success because we are able to promote each other, support each other, and go through challenges together. 

We’ve done it before and I’ve wanted to open it up! So that if you want to join us in the Academy, (For those in the Academy, we’re going to start it after the July 4th week.) If you know you want to launch something or some things throughout the year then JUMP IN! 

So we can launch some of the things together. We’ll do it once, we’ll probably do it on the second time for Black Friday. Get ready for Black Friday so we can do it a second time during Q4 – for those who choose to continue to try and redo it. Because the more you launch together the more success you get together, right? The more we launch together, the more success we get to have together. I’m super excited because it was a last-minute idea. Meaning, that I didn’t know it was delivered and I’m trying to be receptive to the mood of it and make sure that I’ve provided for those out there who needed it. I know for me, I know for my other CEO sisters when we got together over the weekend that one of the things we spoke about was “We love when we launch together.”

One of the things my clients ended up telling me this week was ” They like it when we launch together”. So I was like “Okay, God, I hear you loud and clear apparently we’re going to be launching together”. So let’s spend some time and launch together over the summer, those who are already in the Launch Your Own Brand Academy or Elite Mastermind, we’re going to start setting it up. 

For those of you who are not, feel free to join us in the Academy! Let me know if you’re interested so you can finally get a chance to launch with me and the tribe. All I want you to know is that this summer is about still being active! Summer is still about creating a plan. It’s still about showing up. Most of all? Summer is tweaking your readiness. It’s tweaking the way you are going to present yourself and understanding what the changes look like during different seasons in your brand. I’m bringing it because I want to highlight it to you. As we highlight it in our office and we’re doing it as a team, I want to make sure that I’m including you guys so that I’m not growing alone. I want you to understand success leads tip, success leads clues, and we need to follow what is successful and tweak it to what works for our people and our audience, does that make sense?

That’s all for summer biz preparedness and how you can get ready. If you would like to join us as we are launching together – I don’t have the full name for it but just join us in the Academy, and we’ll put a name together for it. We’ve done it before on Launch your own brand Academy, and probably within a day or two we’ll know the name for it. And you know what? It really shouldn’t matter the name for it right now. Right now, what matters is your success, what matters is you have support, what matters is you have faster results, what matters is your need to get support which is huge when it comes to launching and especially during the breakdowns and the challenges. So we’ll have weekly touches with it as a group unless you need to work one-on-one with me and just have a conversation, but this is as a group so that we get what we want, the results we want and we have fun. It’s more fun when we can do it together, it is “absolutely” more fun when we can do it together!