How to Shift Your Mindset?

How to Shift Your Mindset?

Mindset is such a powerful thing, and I encourage you to tap into yours.

Your mind made you who you are today.

Shifting your mindset gives you the tools to identify and change habits, attitudes, expectations and core beliefs that hold you back.

It’s recalibrating your compass. It takes you from thinking differently about yourself to actually believing in yourself. Because thinking differently about yourself won’t change you permanently. Believing differently will!

So start with the mind. Start with the mentee. 

For the next seven days, you write down your first three thoughts in the morning. Start noticing and observing what are your first three thoughts in the morning that shapes your day? Write it down, don’t change them. Just get up in the morning and think what are your first three thoughts. Also, get clear on what are your three last thoughts in the night. 

I live in New York so I’m always going to hear stuff around me, and I’ve learned to totally ignore that. I learned to stop thinking about the negative, to start thinking that something good is going to happen out of this. 

Let’s start doing the action work. Let’s start doing the things that shift in the results. 

You want to see maximum results in your Personal Life? You want to see maximum results with your children and/or in your business? Then everything first starts with YOU. 

Don’t think of everyone else, stop blaming everyone else. Start taking full control over the one thing that you have full control of. Take that finger, turn it around and point it directly at yourself. Get to work, write down the things as soon as you wake up in the morning, and before you go to bed at night, what are those three thoughts that you’re thinking about? Once you start looking at them at the end of the week, then you’ll start to see where you need to start shifting. How can you intentionally shift some of those thoughts throughout the day? Let me help you, join my tribe here:

How to Create More Harmony in your Business

How to Create More Harmony in your Business

In my experience as a business owner, one thing I’ve noticed is a common pattern in excuses as to why people can’t do things. One of the most common is they can’t find time to work on their businesses.

The question then becomes, how do we do it? How do we find time to grow our businesses and keep moving forward? What are some of the ways you find time?

I always get asked this question “Dr. Ali, how do you find the time?” I have four profit businesses, a Business Coach. I have a non-profit business as a co-founder of Smart Fit Fam, and I’m also an #autismmom, Author of Professional Audiologist and Speech Therapy Pathologist. And the list goes on.

I feel that most moms, we wear most of our hats in many ways. So I just learned how to create more harmony in my life to really allocate the time towards what we really feel good and to what’s important to me. 

And as a business owner, I make sure to take care of the top priorities first. The things that bring revenue-generating space wherein my business will continue to flow, so I operate in CEO mode! But I also make sure to be a human in the process. Now, it doesn’t have to be the same amount of time, but it does have to be in allocated energy towards being present when you are doing that time. Being aware of the things that must be done to be successful is clear, having a plan is clear. But most importantly, for me, to manage it all is to have a clear flow.

My Top 3 Business Values

My Top 3 Business Values

Why are business values important?

Having a clear set of values helps your team and clients understand what you stand for.

It’s important to take the time to get your business values together so you can build your business successfully!

I have helped many CEO Mompreneurs launch their legacy brand!

My Top 3 Business Values are:

First: Be Authentic, we need to be authentic in everything we do. If you’re going to have a business people connect to and relate with your authentic self

Second: Being Resilient. In business there are going to be things that throws you off, comes in and challenge you and most likely will make you fall. A resilient person will learn how to get back up, bounce through and pivot when those moments pass through, being resilient is what still has me in the game.

Lastly: Being trustworthy. You want to have that space so that people will come in and speak to you, they can feel they can honor you, they can have a relationship with you, connect with you, that they can trust you. When people can trust you, they can invest in you. So take a time-out to provide that space where you can create a trustworthy relationship.

What is Legacy Leader?

What is Legacy Leader?

When you enroll in Legacy Brand Academy, you’re beginning an exhilarating, empowering, and fun journey that will allow:

☀️Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions With Dr. Ali

I’ve walked the same path that you’re navigating right now. I’ve been through the struggle of balancing the needs of my child and other loved ones with my own goals and aspirations. I’ve felt the frustration and confusion that’s so common in the personal business landscape.

That’s why, once a month, you’ll have the opportunity to join a live group coaching session with me. I’ll share what works and will use my lived experience to help you move past your challenges and achieve results. Together, we’ll build inspiration, confidence, and progress!

☀️Live Sessions With Guest Experts

As much as I love talking with and getting to know each and every person in my programs, I know I’m not the only one out there with wisdom to share.

LYOB Academy will give you the chance to hear from several different experts, so you can benefit from a wide range of views and experiences. You’ll be able to ask questions and get inspired—plus, you’ll get access to some free gifts and tools from people who have stood in your shoes.

☀️Lifetime Access To Course Materials

Time is precious, and there never seems to be enough of it. I know that sometimes, despite our best efforts, life happens—and I don’t want anyone to miss out on achieving their goals because of bad timing.

☀️Weekly Live Q&A Sessions (Legacy Leaders)

Even with access to all the necessary tools, building a brand is a challenge. It’s easy to get confused and discouraged while you’re deep in the trenches of developing and executing your vision.

Legacy Brand Academy includes weekly LIVE question-and-answer group coaching sessions, where you can identify your unique stumbling blocks and get honest insight and advice on how to overcome them. There are no stupid questions here—we’re all in this together!

You bring the passion. I’ll bring the tools.

Interested to apply? Schedule a meeting with me! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾