Clarity is Queen, Mompreneur

Clarity is Queen, Mompreneur

Today you are in for a special treat. We are going to 3 keys things to get you clear on the direction you are headed in your business- it’s that TIME. 


Why we decided to do this episode today? We are coming off a hiatus after Mompreneurs on Fire 2.0. For those of you who don’t know me I’m Dr. Ali Griffith, and people around me helped me create Mompreneurs on Fire- a movement where we are helping other moms who are starting businesses or recently started businesses to stay IGNITED and keep going without giving up on themselves. I notice when I first started and I didn’t’ have support and I was doing it by myself, and I noticed raising my son, who required a lot out of me, and a lot of my moms who are like me out there, we start a business and then…we stop. 

We start, we start going in circles, we pause, we fall, we slow things down and we lose our fumes. We lose the fire, the flame, we lose the fumes, and my goal became to help Mompreneurs stay ignited. To help them understand how to make this happen and prove that we can do it – we were created for IT. 

Thinking through the lessons I’ve learned- each lessons I’ve been through, challenges, raising Zachary- I started to realize each lesson, each challenge, each breakdown (and as a special needs parent, we go through A LOT of breakdowns, almost every day), and with those we began to learn how are we still surviving? How are we still making it through those breakdowns? And I started to realize that we as moms, CEOs of oursevles and businesses, we have the ability to use a lot of those strategies to keep us going. We don’t stop mom-ing, taking care of the kids, making sure they’re okay, why is that we stop with our business?


At times we need help, and we have to figure out how to move forward with getting help. One thing that always comes up is that a lot of moms feel that they need clarity. They feel they are in a place where they’re feeling confused, they’re not sure how to serve, how to show up, and when you’re not clear on how to show up, or what your purpose is – that’s what leads to the lack of action. 

Tune in to the Dr. Ali Griffith show to find out how to move forward! 


Start with, Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there? and listen for more.

When women are in the beginning stages of building profitable businesses, it takes a special type of woman to coach them to success.

It takes a life and business coach who helps them to get clear on what they should be doing in the world. A strategist who sees systems in her sleep. And a keep-going kind of woman who can fight through life’s unexpected and exceptional challenges—every day—and be an example for women to do the same.

It takes Dr. Ali Griffith.

Dr. Ali’s desire to create the income and freedom that her life, as a single mom to an autistic son, required led her to entrepreneurship. Juggling a full-time career as an audiologist and speech pathologist, as challenging as her life was, she knew she had a choice—to crumble or climb. Always choosing the latter, Dr. Ali became a leading voice for parents of special needs children, quickly growing a small consulting company into a global platform. From launching a hit podcast, The Dr. Ali Griffith Show: Mindset, Meditation, Motivation, to consistently landing five-figure speaking deals, she is the rock star in every room she enters. As she leveled up in her own business, Dr. Ali has gone from student to sensei, training and leading the sales teams for personal development and media titans such as Lisa Nichols.

With an incomparable blend of business strategy, personal development tools, and God-given grit, Dr. Ali has dedicated her career to helping women to start profitable businesses and create wealth on their own time. Masterful at making what’s complicated simple and what’s unachievable possible, she shows women how to achieve laser clarity and implement systems that maximize their time and profitability. With Dr. Ali, women get rapid results in their businesses and lives.

They are richer. They are stronger. They are running businesses and living lives the only way they should be—on their own time and their own terms.

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“I help global leaders all over to build multi million dollar businesses and Dr. Ali is one of my students and accountability coaches. So when you get her, you get me. We are the money!  She will help you monetize what you do, take your side hustle and turn it into a profitable business. Dr. Ali will also teach you the foundation of what you need to do, to make your life unreasonable.”

Susie Carder, Profit Coach

My Story: Protecting your intellectual property

My Story: Protecting your intellectual property

I’m super excited to come at you with another episode of the Dr. Ali Show! Today we are going to be talking about intellectual property. 

If you want to find out more how it is to protect your brand, identity, thoughts, ideas, concepts, words, phrases your genius that is inside of you – if you’re starting a business or going to be starting a business soon you’ll want to tune in!


The reason I want to tackle this topic is because I’ve been having a lot of conversation with clients who are sitting on ideas, who have amazing thoughts, we’re letting ourselves stop us – I remember wanting to start a martial arts program (I’m a black belt in jiu jitsu) and I have a son on the autism spectrum and I kept looking for a program for him because I knew how much martial arts made a difference in my life in learning self control, self discipline and learning how to really tap into my body and surrounding areas, and I knew with his levels of not being regulated that this would be the ideal program or exercise that would help his state of mind to help him navigate when he didn’t know how. Unfortunately, a lot of the program I saw had a lot of children inside and he has difficulties attending and weren’t a good match- as an audiologist and speech pathologist I wanted something were he could communicate with other kids in a nice small environment an they would help him in attending and regulating his body and socialize. I would look for programs and there were some but it didn’t fit everything I wanted, so I had this idea to create this program where he could learn and get what he needed. AS a parent and a mom we’re always looking at what can help. 


Of course, I was a punk. I walked around with this idea for a year or two…it kept coming back, I would try a different program and it just didn’t have everything I needed. It was one day I was having a conversation with a very close friend, and I was telling her about my idea “SoSmartKids”, the program I later created, and she told me, “Ali, this is genius, why aren’t you doing this?” and I was like “Well I don’t really have the space, I don’t know how, I don’t know if this is even possible? Would people even come to it?”

She was like “Why don’t you ask the person who owns our do-jo our fitness professor” and I said, “ummm” and I sat on that for a while because once again, I didn’t want to ASK. I was afraid of looking silly. I was thinking once again,  here we a re with this idea, and no one is going to see what this thing really is. I remember working out and training with another sensei and he was talking about his nephew having autism, and I said how do you feel if we had a program and I could help him with communication and socialization and we could do something with Zachary? And he was IN!

So confirmation again.

So how many of you are sitting out there with these ideas, with these beautiful intellectual property, with these concepts that sound amazing but a) yo don’t know how to go about it b) you’re scared c) you think people are going to laugh at you. 


This episode is to let you know that your ideas is how many amazing companies are formed. So, if you’re sitting on this genius that is inside of you, let me just share how does this help you. 


It helps you increasing visibility: Fast forward, I did end up starting so smart kids. I did go out there and do all the due diligence and it was an AMAZING experience. We helped hundreds of kids, we were using our skills and we were using what we were already loving to help someone else. Many people became to know us as helping people and families with Autism, they now knew us in this capacity. 


Fast forward, when I went to trademark “Aumazing” ,  I was always saying the word “Amazing”. And then I thought, I want Zachary to think of autism as something that is not something negative, so I held onto the word Aumazing and checked the trademark and it was available, and I had one of my amazing moms who was recently a speaker at my Mompreneurs on Fire event- the legally chic, Toni Moore. She was able to help me through the process. The trademark distinguished my brand and helped me stand out. So that idea that you’re sitting on there, protect it and be sure it’s available and it’s YOURS. 

Through the process, when you’re ready between the 0-3 years, find it out what you need to do to protect your idea, genius and creativity. 

The last reason is because we really want to get to a point now where w’ere avoiding risk. If someone else is using it, they can come after us. So start our business right ya’ll. For those of you who are sitting on your business ideas, I have a gazillion programs to help you get started. Once you have access to me, you get access to all my POWER friends. 






Simple Ways to Build your Brand

Simple Ways to Build your Brand

1. Be unique

It’s important more than ever to be unique and stand out among your competitors.  In order to attract more customers and investors alike, you have to offer something the market still hasn’t heard of. Your product or service has to be genuine enough to provoke wonder, curiosity, or even shock. The most important thing is that no one feels indifferent to your brand identity. 

Ask yourself, what makes my brand different? What is our competitive advantage? What can I offer in a better way, than my competitors?


2. Create a memorable logo

Once you decide what it is you’re selling or offering, it’s important to really take some time to think about your logo and how you can make it memorable. You can even do some surveys on websites like survey monkey to see which logo options stand out the most among your demographic. Remember: You want people to be able to see a post or graphic or ad from your business and know exactly where it’s coming from. 

 Some companies choose to do this later, but you’ll have the highest chances of success if you differentiate yourself from the others early on.



3. Define your ideal customer

 Ask yourself: who are the people that are going to buy my service or product?

It’s extremely important to do the research necessary to figure out who your target demograhpic is. 

What age group?

Where are they located?

Why do they need it?

How long will it be of use?

If you can answer these questions, you are on the right path. The answers will help you with both short and long-term plans, i.e. you will be able to create profit if you know what exactly your customers are aiming for.

4. Let your customers become your brand ambassador

Speaking of customers, they should be viewed as something far beyond regular “buyers.” You ought to think of them as the brand ambassadors, because each and every one of them is a walking representative of your brand.

Therefore, establishing a friendly rapport is essential, as well as keeping them happy and satisfied. Ensure that you always entice your clients to use more of your services by offering special discounts, loyalty programs, and so on. Generally, people love belonging to a club and getting recognition for what they do, even if it’s just a simple purchase.

5. Do everything with quality

The key to building an outstanding brand is quality, and it’s not negotiable. Whatever you are offering, you should stand behind your product with pride. Of course, that implies that the quality should match the price.

Wow people with your excellent offer, and they will keep coming back for more. Amidst a plethora of poor-quality products, yours will be a breath of fresh air, and remembered more easily.

6. Be consistent

If you really wish to break into a market, it is absolutely necessary that your brand strategy is consistent. At the very beginning, you cannot afford to have minor alterations every now and then – those would be the sign of weaknesses.

In addition, you aren’t that famous yet, so it’s hard to believe in a brand which is constantly changing its attitude. What you say on your website has to match your Facebook page. Stay true to yourself, and the people will begin to swarm in once they see you mean business.

7. Use social media

Now that we have mentioned social media, let’s discuss it further. It can’t be denied that Instagram, Facebook, and similar social networks have immense power when it comes to promoting brand awareness. Don’t be too lazy or penny pinching to hire a specialist and dedicate yourself to brand advertising via social media. Your big break is probably a few likes away, no matter how simple it sounds.