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Hello everyone it is Dr. Ali, Autism Parenting Strategist and I am popping in live and direct for Autism parenting strategy. I’m super duper excited because it’s the end of September, hooray! hooray! hooray! we made it! We made it pack the first month of school or do the first month of school so for those having a really really good start give me a thumbs up to let me know that school is going pretty well for you.

So we now have some of us now getting used to think and trying to figure it out and you know for me for now I am seriously tired because Zachary just started in high school so all new ball games we are trying to get into the glow of things, new sets of homework, a lot of new activities that he had not fully learned to navigate quite well yet, so it’s a lot of teaching. As expected, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t take less out of me. I am here to give tips dealing with school


Tip Number 1:

Try and create a partnership with the school to the person who works in the school and have a child in the school.
I have a conversation someone from Zachary’s school regarding him not getting all of his services as yet but you know by now he said half. So even though a part of me was upset and I wanted to go walk and house parenting a wanna go walk, I wanna go off. It is very important to establish that we are a team and we are in a partnership. And in the end we, we all want what’s best for Zachary and these are the languages then I’d need you to start learning on how to use for the school.


Tip Number 2:

One thing to understand is teamwork. Once they understand that you are in a together. Once they understand that you’re trying to work with them, they begin to work, tried to work with you. And together, you get to create something that’s gonna work effectively for your child. So even though at the beginning of the conversation, blah blah blah, you know going off because I’m still parent first. I’d still wanted to make sure that she knew that she was being heard and wanna her to understand that we are all on the same team. And, I think those warnings tend to bring the edge off a little and she knows she was doing calls.
Remember it’s teamwork, collaboration you wanna know guys you all are working together as a team not constantly fighting.


Tip Number 3:

You have choices, parents have choices. Your choices if you wanna keep your child on that school, your choice if you wanna move her to a different classroom or different school. Homeschooling, for my homeschooling parents. You have the right to be open to what choices is best for your child,. Not to say the best for immediate action, but just always understand that you have choices. So I think that we know we have choices, we don’t feel like we are stuck in this place.


Tip Number 4:

The place here and we have no control over it and when parents begin to feel like we don’t have control, then we lose control. if we feel like it. It’s just your decision, you’re not thinking about what was saying and not incorporating us. We begin to feel powerless and as educators, as parents, we don’t want anyone to lose power in the scene. We understand the school’s power and they’re choices butthe school also has to understand our power in the choices that we have as parents.


Tip Number 5:

Taking back your power. Keep your power. Your power coming from within you and that no one has the right take away that power solive inn your power. Be in your power and feel confidently strong in your power.


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