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Today I’m bringing you strategies on how to shift out of your funk. First, I just want to let you know that you’re not alone, and that there are other parents who feel it like you. I’m empowering you out there to help each other, to help us. Sometimes I’m the one feeling it, and sometimes I’m the one helping. I never want it to seem like I’m never going through it because I have those days too. Acknowledging the moments when you’re feeling like this is important, it’s critical. So let’s get into some strategies for getting out of our funk.


Tip Number 1:

Identify that funk. When you can just sit down and say, “oh my god that’s me. I’m feeling lost, I’m feeling stuck, I’m feeling completely powerless right now,” it’s part of the way to healing, getting past it, and getting through it. Allow yourself to feel it. Be in it, embrace it. Far too long we’re pretending, far too long we’re walking around with a “face” on and not being able to say openly “this is how I feel, this is the moment I’m having.” Acknowledge it. Say it out loud. Just saying “me!” allows yourself a certain freeness to know that “hey, no I’m not doing fine, I’m freaking out right now. I don’t know the answer. I’m so stressed I feel like I’m walking backwards.” Allow yourself some time to be in it and be okay with it.


Tip Number 2:

Have a positive listener as you’re allowing yourself some time. Make sure that you have some friends or a group of people that are good, positive listeners. The people who you can share info with who don’t always want to give you an answer or solve it, but who are just THERE. Or, you can start writing down what’s going on and speak it or write it. Start writing down the things you’re grateful for. Start writing it down, writing it down, writing it down, and speaking it. I’m saying “I’m grateful for breath, I’m grateful for the fact that I’m alive today, I’m grateful for the energy, I’m grateful for my son, I’m grateful that even though it’s a challenge I know there’s a rainbow at the end of this, I’m grateful for waking up this morning, I’m grateful for these shoes”. I take myself through this gratitude exercise until somehow I feel this shift happening. If you don’t feel the shift happening, keep going. Sometimes it can take a good 10, 15, or 20 minutes of “I’m grateful for___.” Just keep hitting it, and you will start to feel more gratitude. As parents, if we spiral any further we’re no good for our babies, absolutely no good. Because all they get is the energy of our funk. And guess what: even though they’re having rough times, they absolutely do no deserve that. That means we need to get our ish together. It means “hey lady, you with the funk, you, yes you, you need to get it together!”


Tip Number 3:

Create a plan. We gotta create a plan out of it. Some of you that can’t do it alone, of course I’m always gonna offer a 15 minute consult of no charge to you. I’ve sat on many phone calls with many of you guys and just listened to you, and then I say, “ Ok alright. That’s the funk, now lets see how we move past this. How do we create a plan? Let’s get your power back. What action steps can you do now to start moving you towards that?” If you’re stuck at that, that’s where you need a coach – when you need someone that can give you a little bit of clarity. If you can do it by yourself even better, that’s fine. The key about it is creating a plan allows you to move. Even though you might not think it’s the right move, and even though you’re questioning yourself, once you come up with a plan or some kind of action, it will lead you towards the right direction. You don’t have to know all the how’s, you don’t have to know all the details of it. You just have to know that “I can’t stay stuck here. I can’t be at the same space today, tomorrow, and the next day … what else can I do?” And when you run out of answers, stop trying to do it alone and get someone else with expertise that can help you get results.


As you make moves, doors will open. When you put together an action and results based plan with specific things to help make sure it goes through, doors will open. Let’s start moving.