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What’s up, what’s up, what is up? Welcome to the Dr. Ali Griffith Show – Mindset, Motivation, and Meditation. Here is where you get to hear all the goodies of my life, I get to share my experiences and some lessons learned along the way. I’m SO excited to get started.


First, I want to thank some of you who have left your reviews, who have subscribed, and who have been sharing this out. I see you, I thank you. I want to say a special congratulations to Melanie who won that au-mazing watch last month. Now continue to leave your reviews because I’m checking to see who’s going to be this month’s winner! Before we even get into all of that, I want to make sure I share one of our reviews from this month so far I’ve heard. “Dr. Ali is the truth. She uses practical knowledge, her own life experiences, and her background as a speech language pathologist and an audiologist to provide advice and coaching to help you. I’m so proud of your growth and I’m soaking it all in by just watching you.” That’s from mindyabiz. So guys keep leaving your reviews, and every once in a while I’m going to read them, but let’s get into our show.


Today we’re talking about mental wealth. Yes, mental wealth. The time we take to pour into our bank, our mental bank of what’s going on. I know we’re always thinking about getting that money and that financial wealth, but what about our mental wealth? What about our place of where we are thinking our best thoughts? Where we are creating quiet and not having that overwhelm with feelings that surround our brain at times? Where we are creating that space where we can just be ourselves and not have that negative chatter that comes in?


I wanted to take some time out just to share about how mental wealth is so important to me and how I use it everyday, or I use every day to just pour into my mind space where it is where I want to be. There are times I felt myself be completely stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated, and I have 50 million things on my mind. Whenever I have all these things coming up at once, I realize it affects my productivity, it affects me as a parent, and it affects how I function in life. So I wanted to share some things I’ve learned along the way.


I learned that I definitely have to wake up in the morning and I’ve gotta move. I have to find a space where I can work out, where I can make sure i am constantly getting that time just to do some sort of physical activity. It allows my brain to clear, it allows me to not think about that to do list. I love movement, I love getting into the gym – that’s what works for me – sometimes getting in a run. Those are the things that I must to do to help to reach – or I could say make a deposit into my bank, my mental wealth bank. Every time I feel I’m depositing in it, I feel like somehow I’m re-shifting back into who I am, who I want to be. So take the time out to figure out in your life when are you going to move, and how can you make sure you get that increased level of movement – not the regular moving going to school going to work, but that time aside where you’re just dedicating it to movement, physical activity?


The second thing I must do is meditate. Meditation is key in my day. When I start my day with meditation, or when I end my day with meditation, I definitely look at that as my deposit into my mental wellness bank, right? I’ve got to make sure that I’m taking that time out, taking myself back into zen, doing my type of meditation. We have a few other meditation tracks on the Dr. Ali Griffith Show that you can listen to – OR choose which ones that you like, or which ones that you want to create for your own self. You know I’m all about creating your own thing. So take some time out to set aside from the chaos, the mayhem, the busyness of life, and take some time to meditate. Once I do that meditation, I’m like up down the deposit, or here is – another download into my mental wealth stability.


The last thing I must do is make the time. I know me personally you see me with the Dr. Ali Griffith Show, you see me coaching, you see me working my full time job as a speech pathologist and audiologist, and as a parent with Zachary. I’m traveling, I’m speaking, I’m doing all of these things, but I must. ,Make. The. Time. For. Me. My time. My time matters. My time is key – then making sure that I’m doing everything else for everyone else.


So those are the three things that I wanted to share with you – of another way that I do mindset shifting, another way that I make sure that I am increasing my mental wealth, that space where its not only about finances, but I’m making sure that I’m making deposits into my mental stability or into my growth of being my best self mentally. I’ve got to move, I’ve got to meditate, and I’ve got to make the time out for me.


This is a quick episode of the Dr. Ali Griffith show. Please make sure to subscribe, share, leave your reviews, and most importantly tell me how will you be making your deposit into your mental wealth bank? What will you be doing? Leave your comments, and definitely share this with your friends and families out there.


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