What’s up, what’s up, what is up? Welcome to the Dr. Ali Griffith Show – Mindset, Meditation, and Motivation. We are at episode 4 already and I can’t believe it! Today we’re going to be talking about “Unsubscribe From Negativity.”


One of the main reasons I wanted to speak about this today is because I had a wonderful press release, and it actually got picked up by the CW, ABC, NBC, CBS – all these places where increased eyes were going to be seeing all this information about how is it that I unsubscribe from negativity. I said if it’s going to be printed, I needed to hear where that comes from, I needed to know what that looks like. So I had a dope conversation with this au-mazing lady, Minista Jazz. She gave me the opportunity to come and record this at this dope location in Brooklyn. We call it We Are Much Different, or Much Different, but you can find them at wearemuchdifferent.com. So it gave me an opportunity where I get to record and I get to give you a visual on what does unsubscribe from negativity mean to me.


First I just want to thank you for tuning in today. Thank you for watching the other three episodes. Make sure if you haven’t watched it by now you go back in and you watch it because they are super duper dope. I’m hearing wonderful reviews, and it gives me more encouragement to keep going and to keep motivating y’all and sharing my true authentic self. So thank you. Thank you for all the shares, thank you for all the likes, thank you for all the downloads. Keep doing it y’all, I need you to do this because we are all in this together. So when I hear unsubscribe to negativity, what does that mean to me? And as I’m speaking,  just think about what does unsubscribe to negativity mean to you.


The first thing I think about is be careful what I watch. We are surrounded, every time we look, every time we turn on the tv, every time we open up our phones, everywhere we look we’re almost saturated with visual negativity. What does that look like? That face that always looks pissed off, that person that always shows that they’re not there with their arms outstretched, but they’re always walking away or just showing you that there’s only negative in the world. When you turn on the TV all you see is negative, bad, bad. Especially in our population with African Americans, or Caribbean Americans, or any sort of minority, but we really know it’s the majority. We turn on the TV and all we see is negativity. So the first thing you’ve got to do y’all is unsubscribe from that. Like I can’t do it anymore, I can’t every time that I turn on the TV that it’s negative.


I started around the age of 8 or 9 when my teacher at that time said that we had to read the Daily News. I’m from Brooklyn, New York, so the Daily News is a big thing out here. I realized every time I read this Daily News all I saw as negative, and I ended up telling my mom I don’t want to keep seeing negative. Nine, ten, eleven …  I’m getting older and older and all I see is negativity. What I started to realize is overtime I saw it, I felt it, and then I would show it. So if you are going to start shifting your mindset, if you want to start achieving the high things in life that you want and desire, the first thing you’ve gotta do is reduce, you gotta get rid of, you gotta unsubscribe from that negative ISH that’s in front of you. It could be that person that’s always in front of you, it could be that TV show, or sometimes y’all I get it in my WhatsApp and all I see is negative. So that’s the first thing I’m going to tell you, and that’s the first thing I told myself. Really I’m just bringing y’all in to what I told myself.


The second thing I told myself is watch what I say. You don’t realize the things that come out of our mouths sometimes because we’re busy saying it. It took me really stopping, and growing, and doing personal development, and as I coach my clients, and as I receive my coaching from au-mazing people. I mentioned Lisa Nichols before, I mentioned Doreen Rainey, some other people that have coached me on my personal mindset, personal development. That’s when I began to be more present to what it was that was coming out of my mouth. I started to realize that it was toxic. I thought I was this really good girl, I went to school, I was paying attention, I’m not cursing, so it can’t be negative right? I’m not cursing because I’m not that big on cursing anyway, but piss me off and it will come out don’t worry about that. But I started to realize that I can’t say, I can’t use these words that can hurt someone. I can’t use these words that can hurt me most importantly. Then as I became a mom to Zachary, I can’t use these words that he’s hearing constantly. See, we don’t realize that everyone is affected by the words we’re saying. You can shift a whole mood based on the words that come out of your mouth. So unsubscribe from what you say and start being more alert to listening to what comes out of your mouth.


It’s hard because we were actually raised in a society, or I was raised in a society where you know your mother is just going to say what she’s saying, there is no curb, what she’s thinking she’s going to say. I thought that was normal. I thought thats how everyone was. I thought that’s how I was supposed to live my life – say whatever I want to say, say my thoughts. And not realizing that some of the things that came out of her mouth were so daggone negative. But it wasn’t because she was doing it on purpose y’all. She was doing it because that’s all she knew. That’s all she knew, that’s what she grew up with. That’s what her parents did, that’s what her grandparents did. They responded with what they know. So I want y’all to do something different, we’re going to do something different together. We’re going to start shifting the words that come out of our mouths. Now I’m not saying be perfect. What I’m saying is be mindful of what comes out of our mouths. When you’re doing it just stop and go, “mmm, it doesn’t sound right to whoever is going to hear it, it doesn’t sound right to me right now.” Now I’m not saying it’s going to happen immediately over night, but we can work on it together y’all, because I’m still a work in progress just like you.


The last thing as we’re unsubscribing from this negativity, I’m in such a space, just physically now I’m in such a space of light energy. Y’all gotta come see this place much different. I’m so glad that I get to do episode 4 now right now here, because it really takes me to that projection of where I’m going to go to-  which is you’ve got to watch who are the people who you’re around. Unsubscribe your environment from negativity, your immediate surroundings, if that’s your physical space. I know some of y’all are up with that dude that you know that is not for you. Nothing against my ex, I appreciate him, I respect him, and I’m always going to have full respect for him, but when I was married … I remember putting the keys to the door, and as I’m putting the keys to the door and I’m about to walk through this door, I didn’t want to go in because it felt like I was walking in to negative. I was leaving the world of whatever it is that I created for myself, but as I’m opening this door all I’m seeing, all I’m feeling is negative. Now it’s not him, it’s not me, it’s just whatever we created together –  our energy together. We’ve got to protect our energy space.


Now if we’ve got to get rid of people, then sometimes we’ve got to get rid of people – or as I like to say, we gotta complete that relationship. The key about all of that is we’ve got to start being present, being mindful of who we choose around us, friends, family members. Sometimes the closest people to us are the most negative around us. As we’re doing our work on ourselves, and we’re working on developing ourselves, and we’re building ourselves, and we’re lifting ourselves, and we’re  moving to these levels of where we’re being better … Like right now you’re working on yourself, you’re doing your personal development, you’re listening to this Podcast. You’re here watching what we’re doing and you’re like, “yeah I’m working on myself, or I’m at least trying to work on myself, but then when I get into a certain space or a certain area or a certain group of people, the energy just changes.” And what you’ll see happen is YOU change. Like you went from being this light, positive person and  you’re working on self, and then you get in a room, you get in a group environment, and then you feel your energy just shift automatically. BOOM.


I’m asking myself – because this really is just a conversation to me that y’all are just listening in on, I’m just letting y’all in on this head of mine – that I can’t do that anymore. I’ve got to choose who I’m around. Sometimes I’ve got to let go of family. I remember telling my mom once “if you’re coming in my house with negative, don’t come. Because I’m here serving the world, I’m here speaking on stages, I’m here pouring into autism and special needs moms, my clients, my Zachary. Most importantly MY Zachary, and I can’t have this space around him. and I love you to pieces…” And this is my MOM y’all, but I even had to tell her, “if you’re going to come with negative, don’t come.” And she’s come to help me, but when you’ve got to protect your space, when you start realizing how important it is to unsubscribe from the negativity of other people, your family, your energy, your space … sometimes you’ve got to complete things you never thought in a million years you would ever have to complete.


I want you guys to let me know which one of these tips resonated the most with you, which one is the one you feel you have to work on the most. Send me a message, send me a note, hit me up on whichever one of the social medias you want (all of them are @draligriffith). Or send me an email at [email protected] and just let me know which one resonated the most with you today that you’ve got to work on. Leave a comment if you’re reading this on my blog. If you’re listening to the podcast definitely write a response and put it in there.


What we’re going to do is we’re going to start shifting this world y’all, and I’m not doing it by myself. I’m picking you up, that’s why I’m helping you get into my head, so that you can start doing some of the work that I’ve been doing. I will continuously support you. I want you to be working on the same thing. If we all pressed unsubscribed, if we all just look at all our podcasts, look at all our TV stations, look at all our people, look at ourselves, and we just say NO MAS time to unsubscribe. And then we tap into – because that’s going to be another thing we talk about. I’m not going to get into that, but what I’m going to lead you into may be the next podcast or it may be the next visual i do with you – once you unsubscribe from negativity, you’ve got to SUBSCRIBE to POSITIVITY. Now how do you really do that when theres’ not that much around? Until then, work on self work. Work on always, always, always creating and nurturing and protecting our safe space (which is self) and see how you can start making your first step now.


Make sure you are following me next week. I’m going to come in another Friday and drop the next episode. We’re going to talk about now moving in and tapping in to positivity. I can’t leave y’all at only at unsubscribe, because then y’all are going to have nobody to listen to. Then let’s talk about how you prescribe or jump into your positivity. Join me next week. Make sure you support this dope spot I’m in if you’re in Brooklyn. You definitely want to come to Much Different. Yo, this spot is off the freaking chain. I’m just so blessed that Minista Zazz and Our Mic are supporting me with our vision of shifting the world. Hit up my website and see what we’ve got. So share, like, subscribe, download, do all that stuff you gotta do because I need this message to get out to the world. I need you to be my ambassadors so we can start having more people, more children, more people with special needs, more of us start unsubscribing from negativity. I’ll see y’all next week. This is Dr. Ali Griffith, thanks for watching the Dr. Ali Griffith Show – Mindset, Mediation, and Motivation. Deuces.


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