I work to create support groups and coaching for families who have children on the spectrum. Being an Autism parent myself, I understand the struggles, and obstacles that sometimes may come with parenting a child on the spectrum. I have also recently written a book,  #1 Best Selling AU-MAZING GIFT: A Journey to Autism Acceptance. 

This past month, I have had the pleasure of interviewing some Au-mazing moms from all over the world to get an idea of what their experiences have been like. I find that when we can connect through each other’s experience, we can also find ways we can help each other.

This week, I spoke with Au-mazing Parent Lashonda Scott. Here is her story:


What were the first signs/symptoms you child has Autism?

Lack of eye contact, spinning, obsessed with parts of a toy.


What was your first reaction to your child’s “Autism” diagnosis?

Nervous, overwhelming, scared, confused.


If you could give one piece of advice to another parent what would it be?

Be your child’s best advocate, never give up on them! You are stronger than you think!


What is one of the hardest parts about being a parent of an Autistic child?

You never know what to expect day to day, minute to minute. Feel like I’m failing as a mom (parent).


What is one the most rewarding part about being a parent?

Seeing the growth in my son and when he gives me hugs.