Write a Book to Create Legendary Impact with Vickie Gould S2 Ep18

In this episode of The Dr. Ali Griffith show we have a dope interview with one of my tribe sisters from the Motivating the Masses family, Vickie Gould.

She is an incredible global leader extraordinaire. What I love about Vickie is that she has an au-mazing smile, she has a real authenticity, and she helps regular folks who want to share their message to become best-selling authors. So to all my aspiring authors out there, she is the ONE you need to be paying attention to.

Today we’re going to learn more about Vickie and what motivates her. So grab your pens and paper, and get ready to take notes on the bomb nuggets of wisdom that will help you accelerate your life into the next stage!

More about Vickie:

Vickie Gould is a book coach and content marketing strategist. As a result of her FAME Formula™️ for Legendary Impact, successful entrepreneurs write a best selling book that helps them bust through their current income ceiling, grow their reach worldwide, create impact and legacy and turn their readers into clients while they sleep.

Vickie is the author of 10 international best-selling books like Easy Writer and Standing in the Gap, and has also helped 100 others become worldwide best-selling authors. She has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, Entrepreneur.com, HuffPost, Tedx U of M and has been featured in virtual events along side great thought leaders like Lisa Nichols, Joe Vitale and T. Harv Eker.

Vickie lives in Michigan with her husband and three children, is obsessed with shoes, enjoys karaoke, dancing and cooking.

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New Year Get Clear in 2020 with Dr. Ali S2 Ep 17

Oh snap, it’s the first episode of The Dr. Ali Griffith Show of 2020!

In this episode, I’m sharing my key strategies on how to get CLEAR on your goals for the new year without getting overwhelmed.

Plus, I let you in on some of the exciting events I have coming up this year to learn more about getting clear on your goals and purpose that YOU are invited to, including:

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The Brain Warrior Method (TM) Interview with Neal Phalora S. 2 Ep. 16

Today on The Dr. Ali Griffith Show, www.thedraligriffithshow.com, you will hear about the power of “receiving” and techniques to ask yourself when in the midst of “emotional constipation”. For an individual consult with Dr. Ali www.draligriffith.com

Our guest today is Neal Phalora, a speaker and mindset coach. He helps high achievers become masters of their mind so they can achieve more in their lives without giving up anything to make it happen. Neal has reinvented himself multiple times from Medical School, to Corporate, to Entrepreneur. His biggest journey was a chronic illness that left him sleeping 3-5 hours a day. Which led to discover the powerful capacity of the brain over the last 6 year. He has combined 10 years of life coaching with brain science to crush limiting behaviors and beliefs…TheBrainWarrior(TM)Method. He is devoted husband and father to four year old twins.