How to Connect and Start Your Brands as One, Relationships with Dr. Nicole LaBeach and Crystal Khalil

How to Connect and Start Your Brands as One, Relationships with Dr. Nicole LaBeach and Crystal Khalil

In today’s episode, Dr. Nicole LaBeach and Crystal Khalil speaks about the importance of creating relationships and how they joined their 2 individual successful brands to create a new brand Sister Diamonds.

Within their first 3 months (as my elite coaching clients) in co-CEO partnership, they created the largest International Slumber Party for young women, seen on Good Morning America ,The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Good Morning DC and served over 10, 000 ladies from over 30 countries internationally

Service, Humility and Excellence are shared philosophies for the Sister Diamonds, LLC

  • We were able to put down the ego of who we are individually.
  • Use the appropriate “trust metrics”.
  • Don’t skip the steps of creating a Partnership “Operating Agreement”
  • Access to their next Relationships events for Single Women and Married couples

This is the podcast you don’t want to miss, and for more information…

Well, not-so-simply put, Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith is a powerhouse. A published  #1 best selling author, global transformational speaker and a startup business coach for moms, she has dedicated her career to helping moms to launch their own profitable personal brands online and create wealth on their own time and terms.

Whether we’re talking about this hit podcast, The Dr. Ali Griffith Show, or leading the sales teams for personal development and media titans such as Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey or Susie Carder,

Dr. Ali is the rock star in every room she enters, including being a featured speaker at the World Summit 2020, held by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, to almost 9,000 attendees. 

But what sets her apart from many, is that she’s not one to rise alone. With an incomparable blend of business strategy and personal development, there is a depth to Dr. Ali’s coaching that is unmatched. Her proven path to profitability— laser clarity, systems and sales—Learn more about Dr. Ali and opportunities to build an extraordinary personal brand and life at



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5 Simple Tips to Help your Start a Powerful Schedule

5 Simple Tips to Help your Start a Powerful Schedule

Are you having trouble with time management? Are you busy all day but don’t get as much done as you’d like? Do you spend nights and weekends trying to catch up on work you should have gotten done during the normal workweek? Are you worried about losing your job or a contract because you keep missing project deadlines?   

Here are some quick trips to help your time management butttt before I start, I wanted to give you some key principles to stick with:

1. You can’t “manage” time. The only thing you can manage is the way you, personally, use time.

2. The success (or failure) of any time management strategies you try will be determined by your personal motivation to succeed. The more you understand why using your time efficiently is important to you, your family and your future, the better you’ll become at doing it.

3. You will never be able to do everything that everyone you interact with wants you to do. Superwoman, Super Mom, Superman and Super Dad exist only in the movies and on TV. Real people who successfully manage their use of time do so by prioritizing their activities and giving the highest priority to activities that are most important to achieving their own business and personal goals.

Next, take a look at the biggest time wasters. Which ones are you guilty of?

Which ones are your biggest time suck?

I can totally fall into this trap – I’ll start the morning out with my coffee and podcast and to do a list for the day and feel motivated. Then throughout the day I get distracted by Zachary popping in and out, or notifications on my phone with the latest news alert, then e-mails from my team for tasks I want to do and
It’s 6PM and I have little to show for it besides some half-completed tasks.
Fast forward to 2021 and I have strategies to resolve this. 
Check out some quick fixes here: 
First things first, 
Create a to do list.
This may seem simple and mundane but it’s necessary. Why? Because a million things may be on your plate at once and it’s important for you to prioritize the most important items in a list.  Then break that list down for the realistic items you can accomplish today. 
The pomodoro technique is a simple way of time blocking. You can get a google chrome extension or just use a stopwatch, but the idea is that you focus on one item at a time during that time frame. I usually will have one task every 60 minutes with a 5/10 minutes break in between. Why? I know there will be a break soon where I can answer my emails and texts so I should just focus in that moment on my task. 
What are some tricks YOU use to stay on track every day?
Setting Intentions for 2021

Setting Intentions for 2021

 It’s 2021, FINALLY. 👏🏾👏🏾

I’m pretty confident that I’m not alone when I say I’ll be glad to wave goodbye to 2020. In a lot of ways, it was taken away from us.

But not this year. This year, it’s time for us to take back our OWN in 2021 and for you to really take care of your WHOLE YOU🚀

That being said, I want us to take this time to set our intentions for this year. 

Sooo try this exercise with me today. 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

#1: Pick one desire.

Take a minute to think about one thing you’ve been trying to make happen in your life. It could be a new job you’re after, a shift in your relationship or a health goal. Whatever it is (big or small), write it down.


#2: Get absolutely clear about what you want. Be specific.
Ask yourself, “What do I want? Why do I want it? What goodness will it bring to my life? How will I feel when it happens?” Write down those details as if you’re placing your order.

#3 Now release your desire.

Now that your intention is positive and clear, it’s important to become calm and still. If you meditate, that’s an ideal space in which to plant your seeds of intention. Quiet your mind and body. And then let your intention go.

Choose your brand values

Choose your brand values

As a small business owner, have you ever thought about Brand Values?

Brand values are basically what define your brand’s personality. How does your brand treat people? How does it make people feel? What promises does your brand make? What does your brand refuse to compromise on? What does your brand fall on the sword for?

I chose resilience. 🔥👏🏾

Why “resilience”?

Because giving up is not an option.

As a mom to a child with special needs, I don’t have a choice to give up. I need to SHOW up for Zachary. I need to be a role model for him that hurdles only make you stronger.

So resilience is at the core of everything I do.

Your turn –

What are your brand values? Quality? Value? Passion?


Destined for MORE in 2021 + BTS of a Major Interview

Destined for MORE in 2021 + BTS of a Major Interview

Today I’m going to share some cool strategies on how to move forward in 2021 when unplanned an unexpected happens. 

We should all be professionals of unplanned and unexpected because that’s exactly what 2020 did for us. 

Tune in and let me know who is ready for 2021!

 What do we want to celebrate in 2020? What did we totally didn’t exepect? What did we learn about ourselves in 2020?’


I learned so much about myself in 2020. 

I’m resilient. 

Put down what you learned about YOURSELF.


What I really learned about myself is that I was created for this. The unexpected. To know how to pivot. I have pivoted my whole life. 

The behind the scenes : I just got a reach out last night to participate in another interview selected out of couple thousands to share my journey of my experience with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. 

Why did I decide moms? Because to me I’ve always felt like we are purposed and passioined for specific thing and I always feel like if I’m going to live my truth – learn through things and go back and help people then I want to go back and help me. Then I want to go back and help me too so that others who are just like me can also move through their steps. So they asked me to come on and share where I am now as a result of usinig the program and show up as myself. And I’ve learned that trying to be anyone, or anything else is so not me. and that’s the best part of 2020 is really owning the imperfect me . really teppinig into my own self. I’m going to be talkinig more about that as some of you come to the vision board party in Jan.

Part of the conversation in the interview, we tapped into what I learned and who I am and how I show up – was that continue to show up no matter what – through the unplanned. When your in one thing you can’t be everywhere else, so like many other panelists, I went longer than expected. We shifted with grace and ease.

How is it I’m able to juggle the million things I do – I schedule, I have structure, I create a system where there is support and I also invest in strategies so I can learn quicker. The most important thing is to give myself grace and ease when things are thrown off schedule. So my end of the year message which was totally created  – as we’re moving in 2021 and creating strategy about how we’re going to take over 2021- is it going to be easy? Absolutely not. But you can get yourself aligned, and set up with system and structure so you’re not doing this alone.