Destined for MORE in 2021 + BTS of a Major Interview

Destined for MORE in 2021 + BTS of a Major Interview

Today I’m going to share some cool strategies on how to move forward in 2021 when unplanned an unexpected happens. 

We should all be professionals of unplanned and unexpected because that’s exactly what 2020 did for us. 

Tune in and let me know who is ready for 2021!

 What do we want to celebrate in 2020? What did we totally didn’t exepect? What did we learn about ourselves in 2020?’


I learned so much about myself in 2020. 

I’m resilient. 

Put down what you learned about YOURSELF.


What I really learned about myself is that I was created for this. The unexpected. To know how to pivot. I have pivoted my whole life. 

The behind the scenes : I just got a reach out last night to participate in another interview selected out of couple thousands to share my journey of my experience with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. 

Why did I decide moms? Because to me I’ve always felt like we are purposed and passioined for specific thing and I always feel like if I’m going to live my truth – learn through things and go back and help people then I want to go back and help me. Then I want to go back and help me too so that others who are just like me can also move through their steps. So they asked me to come on and share where I am now as a result of usinig the program and show up as myself. And I’ve learned that trying to be anyone, or anything else is so not me. and that’s the best part of 2020 is really owning the imperfect me . really teppinig into my own self. I’m going to be talkinig more about that as some of you come to the vision board party in Jan.

Part of the conversation in the interview, we tapped into what I learned and who I am and how I show up – was that continue to show up no matter what – through the unplanned. When your in one thing you can’t be everywhere else, so like many other panelists, I went longer than expected. We shifted with grace and ease.

How is it I’m able to juggle the million things I do – I schedule, I have structure, I create a system where there is support and I also invest in strategies so I can learn quicker. The most important thing is to give myself grace and ease when things are thrown off schedule. So my end of the year message which was totally created  – as we’re moving in 2021 and creating strategy about how we’re going to take over 2021- is it going to be easy? Absolutely not. But you can get yourself aligned, and set up with system and structure so you’re not doing this alone.