DON’T BE SHOCKED! Ways to double your income as a busy Mompreneur

There are ways to double your income as a busy Mompreneur!

First, Invest in a coach.
Athletes train with coaches their entire careers to achieve outstanding performance. Why wouldn’t you?

Next, Invest in a good team.
Sure, investing in extra staff is expensive, but sometimes not investing in new staff can be even more costly because you are doing too much with too little can damage your business.

My Fav! Build Your Own Dope Community.
Successful companies harness the power of community to increase brand awareness, understand customers, improve outcomes, and build brand loyalty.

If you are not a part of my 900+ Facebook community of Mompreneurs, make sure you head over to @momprenerslifetribe.

So, don’t be shocked. Just execute consistently with ease and flow!



SO you’re launching an awesome brand and you want everybody to know about it.

What do you do about that?

Take time to grow a dope community around what you are doing!

You need to connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer. You can find and grow your audience by applying what you know.

How do you do this?

Start with what you already know and take a look at your current audience. Age? Location? What content do they respond to? And use this data


Team up with other Auhmazing people that are complementary to what you are doing! Collaborate! Collaborate! Collaborate!

There are so many ways to do this! Make sure you hit the link in the bio to book a clarity call with me, to get you on the right track! ??

Use what you know, build on what you learn, and always be on the lookout for ways to expand!

Brand Love Languages

Brand Love Languages

Love languages do not just apply to romantic partnerships of emotional love. Knowing how a person wants to be acknowledged or shown affection in a friendship, mentorship, or even business relationship eases tension and builds a stronger foundation.

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