Attention ladies and gents, this is an episode you ALL need to hear! Today our guest is Dr. Aumatma, a Naturpathic Doctor & Nutritionist who specializes in women’s health.

She dives into what motivated her to get into the field of naturopathic medicine, and how through her studies and career she uncovered so many myths and lies about women’s health surrounding fertility, and she even breaks down three of those for you right off the bat!

If you’re a lady out there this is a MUST listen, or even if you’re a man I want you to listen because you engage with women too. It’s important for ALL of us to be educated on these topics, so make sure you tune in!

More about Dr. Aumatma:

Dr. Aumatma is a Naturopathic Doctor & Nutritionist, in practice for over 12 years. She specializes in women’s health, is the best-selling author of “Fertility Secrets: What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Baby-Making,” and is a sought out speaker on topics related to Women’s Health and Women’s Empowerment. Dr. Aumatma was awarded the “Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner″ award locally in 2015 and has been interviewed on TV, podcasts, and summits worldwide. She is the host of her own podcast: Egg Meets Sperm and has a training program for practitioners who want to specialize in fertility, in addition to supporting couples through private 1 on 1 care and online group programs.

Connect with Dr. Aumatma:


Instagram: @holistic_fertility_specialist

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