Are you having trouble with time management? Are you busy all day but don’t get as much done as you’d like? Do you spend nights and weekends trying to catch up on work you should have gotten done during the normal workweek? Are you worried about losing your job or a contract because you keep missing project deadlines?   

Here are some quick trips to help your time management butttt before I start, I wanted to give you some key principles to stick with:

1. You can’t “manage” time. The only thing you can manage is the way you, personally, use time.

2. The success (or failure) of any time management strategies you try will be determined by your personal motivation to succeed. The more you understand why using your time efficiently is important to you, your family and your future, the better you’ll become at doing it.

3. You will never be able to do everything that everyone you interact with wants you to do. Superwoman, Super Mom, Superman and Super Dad exist only in the movies and on TV. Real people who successfully manage their use of time do so by prioritizing their activities and giving the highest priority to activities that are most important to achieving their own business and personal goals.

Next, take a look at the biggest time wasters. Which ones are you guilty of?

Which ones are your biggest time suck?

I can totally fall into this trap – I’ll start the morning out with my coffee and podcast and to do a list for the day and feel motivated. Then throughout the day I get distracted by Zachary popping in and out, or notifications on my phone with the latest news alert, then e-mails from my team for tasks I want to do and
It’s 6PM and I have little to show for it besides some half-completed tasks.
Fast forward to 2021 and I have strategies to resolve this. 
Check out some quick fixes here: 
First things first, 
Create a to do list.
This may seem simple and mundane but it’s necessary. Why? Because a million things may be on your plate at once and it’s important for you to prioritize the most important items in a list.  Then break that list down for the realistic items you can accomplish today. 
The pomodoro technique is a simple way of time blocking. You can get a google chrome extension or just use a stopwatch, but the idea is that you focus on one item at a time during that time frame. I usually will have one task every 60 minutes with a 5/10 minutes break in between. Why? I know there will be a break soon where I can answer my emails and texts so I should just focus in that moment on my task. 
What are some tricks YOU use to stay on track every day?