Entrepreneur Blocks: Unhealed Trauma in Your Business and Life with Marjorie

Heow do you process the unhealed traumas that show back up in your business and in your life?

In today’s episode of The Dr. Ali Griffith Show, we unpack and rebuild with our Business Expert Malorie Nicole. 

Malorie shows up in the world today trying to help people as best at they can break the blind spots and barriers that they are not aware of that are stopping them from fully showing up in business and leadership roles.

The people who come to Malorie usually are already has worked with a life coach similar to Dr. Ali, and already has an established business and are not feeling the way they want to feel- alignment is off, they are not feeling fulfilled – struggling with perfectionism, or have this business they now can’t step away from and they’ve lost themselves a little bit.

It’s so important that we’re addressing the mindset work and it doesn’t get caught up in our business success.

One of the biggest challenges that she hears from her clients is just feeling like they created something that they’re no longer that excited about.  A lot of the time this has nothing to do with the business- but when they work on themselves and heal that- the business is no longer an issue.

Watch the full podcast to hear from Malorie on how she works through these issues with clients!