Here are the 5 main reasons why you’re not getting any clients:

  • Lack of Clarity

What I’ve learned over those long and difficult – but also extremely rewarding and liberating – years, is that a lack of clarity is the central factor in all of those feelings. Clarity is the root of everything, and without it, we are lost. Clarity delivers: Certainty, Direction, and Focus.

  • Lack of visibility and or relationships

Lack of visibility is a significant contributor to inefficient processes, delayed actions, and ultimately costly mistakes. Collaboration is key.

  • No sales process/funnel

Without a well-defined and monitored funnel, companies risk losing customers, as it becomes nearly impossible to convert leads and increase sales and revenue over time. We have a great convo coming Tuesday with @tomesiangram about how to make money while you sleep.

  • Lack confidence

Having confidence means knowing your worth and trusting that others will recognize the value of your service too. Without confidence, a business owner may want to reach everyone and anyone – keeping their fees and prices low, as they are afraid to ask for more money. They may wait until everything is perfect before raising their fees or prices.

  • You’re out of alignment

Signs of misalignment begin when you start overthinking about what you should be doing. These things happen to those who do not align with their business. If you don’t have your strategy truly aligned with you, believe me, you will only drown in the pool.