In today’s episode, Dr. Nicole LaBeach and Crystal Khalil speaks about the importance of creating relationships and how they joined their 2 individual successful brands to create a new brand Sister Diamonds.

Within their first 3 months (as my elite coaching clients) in co-CEO partnership, they created the largest International Slumber Party for young women, seen on Good Morning America ,The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Good Morning DC and served over 10, 000 ladies from over 30 countries internationally

Service, Humility and Excellence are shared philosophies for the Sister Diamonds, LLC

  • We were able to put down the ego of who we are individually.
  • Use the appropriate “trust metrics”.
  • Don’t skip the steps of creating a Partnership “Operating Agreement”
  • Access to their next Relationships events for Single Women and Married couples

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Well, not-so-simply put, Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith is a powerhouse. A published  #1 best selling author, global transformational speaker and a startup business coach for moms, she has dedicated her career to helping moms to launch their own profitable personal brands online and create wealth on their own time and terms.

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