Today have another au-mazing being I want to introduce you to on The Dr. Ali Griffith Show. It’s none other than the incredible Dr. April Jones, aka Sunshine. Seriously guys, you can just feel her radiant glow in this episode.

She is the author of No Mess No Message – now y’all know we’re going to get into that! She’s also the co-founder of the Drifted Drum Company and a Medical Director with Pfizer Oncology.

Tune in to listen as we dive deeper into April’s story and her keys of wisdom on staying motivated and hopeful during difficult times.


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More about April:

Dr. April Jones is a speaker, author of No Mess No Message, and owner of The Drifted Drum. As an Oncology Medical Director with Pfizer, she holds an MBA and B.S. in Chemistry and doctorate in Pharmacy. Along with her many professional credentials, it’s her personal journey that makes her an authority on transforming pain into purpose and struggle into strength.

Dr. Jones is the mother of three boys and lives near Nashville, TN. Her oldest son is a cancer survivor, amputee and internationally competitive adaptive athlete. Through love, faith, hope and inner discovery, Dr. Jones’s story helps others heal while finding comfort and courage during the most difficult

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