This month is all about independence – more specifically on how to move your child towards independence and open communication.

This week we are talking all about REALITY CHECKS. Being real with yourself, being able to look back at and see what past things that your child has made progress in. The reason why it’s important is that before we can move forward and know where we want to go, we sometimes have to look back on the past and see where they were. Identify some of those areas where we have wanted to see growth, and look back and see how far our child has come in those areas. How they have made some progress in those areas.

I always think back to when  Zachary couldn’t have a conversation back and forth with me. So before I could move forward and continue to ask him for what I want NOW, I need to first take a look at the past and just praise the past, and know what he’s been through and see where’s he’s come. Past Progress Check.

Then look at the current level. Where we are right now. What is that your child is able to do? What is your child not able to do? Do a quick reality check so you’re not thinking, or verbalizing more than what’s really happening. We sometimes get a bit overzealous, sometimes we get so controlling of the situation, we think they are achieving less than what they’re actually doing. So we miss out on a lot. So take some time out, and appreciate and write down where their current level is.

Next, we want to look at our objectives. Where do we want them to get to? Not by next year, but by the end of this week even. Identify some nice, short-term goals. Let me know what that one thing is that you’re working on this week. Sometimes we always look at that end of the race, and we’re not seeing the different milestones and checkpoints we need to pass through to get to that end of the race.

This week we’re going to have a REALITY CHECK. We’re looking at the past, where they currently are and start placing our steps for what’s coming next.