If you are a heart-centered female entrepreneur who is ready to create your NEXT LEVEL of freedom, a breakthrough “life every day” barriers and truly give your business the undistracted attention it deserves, then this is for YOU.

Retreat is designed to set you up with your next-level vision, align your energy to execute and implement so that you achieve your marketing and sales goals for 2022.

In case you are wondering, this is a hands-on business retreat – with a SAFE space environment with plenty of time to allow for peaceful moments of stillness to RELAX.

I created this retreat as a safe space for CEO moms to come together, to heal, and to have fun. It’s what we needed on this journey, but couldn’t find.

I actually created this specially for my exclusive circle that I’ve always dreamed of being in… where we talk about life and business with the same level of pain, passion, and perseverance

Remember, We all can’t be strong at the same TIME!

I’ve created a CIRCLE that will hold each other  UP when the other links are weak!

I’ve created a CIRCLE that may not like each other at one moment but will CRY in each other arms at another!

I’ve created a CIRCLE where my mistakes are made, uniqueness is welcomed and forgiveness transcends in divine timing.

I’ve created a CIRCLE that is bound by shared experiences, acceptance of faults, and the same desire to live and create purposeful legacy and relationships!

I’ve created a CIRCLE that still THRIVES whether I am physically present or NOT!

Say no MORE Lone Ranger… and drop your guards down just a little, enough to RECEIVE and RECIPROCATE

Be a part of Circle so that your dreams, blessings, and riches continue in ABUNDANCE

Seriously, you’re not going to want to miss this!

Hop on a call with me for Retreat Interest next steps conversation call: https://draligriffith.as.me/bizretreat

This is your opportunity for you to recharge, disconnect and focus on some serious R&R, relaxation and revenue. We have an “in your time at your pace” philosophy, which caters to those seeking renewal and transformation, through the unexpected challenges. 

This will be your turbo boost activation into tapping back into you, while creating the success and the impact you are purposed and passionate for!

I hope to talk to you soon, to learn more about how you can join me LIVE and in person in Aruba “One Happy Island”. It’s exactly what you need to release what’s no longer serving you and step into everything that’s possible in 2022 and beyond.

Click here to schedule a call with me: https://draligriffith.as.me/bizretreat