Invest in YOU

Be your Best Investment

2021 is/was all about asking for help and support, aligning myself in the right space and Next LEVEL self-investment in ME … and activating my Zany childhood vision of doing business while on the Beach relaxing (with a drink ? in my hand lol)

Ooh, the falls, glitches, and mistakes made along the way would make anyone give up… but one thing was clear, I was COMPLETE fulfilling other’s visions and it was time…

To launch my OWN visions

After some Retreats and Elite Legacy Masterminds later and 10x my investments

So now I’m here to pay the info and the HOW forward (the backend and front-end of fulfilling simple biz visions

Because that’s WHY we are here… We are Knowledge Brokers… to invest in self, get clear on how you will uniquely SHOW UP, and then…

Just Do it!

What if I said “NO”?

What if I said “NO”?

When I started my business years ago. I had a few goals in mind: get the FREEDOM I need to have autonomy and independence and be a key driver of my own business and women just like me who wanted to do the same.

Now fast forward years later, and here I am owning my own business, being my own boss, deciding when I want to work, how I work and what I work on. 

“I’m too old to start”

Guess what: As long as you’re still living and breathing, you still have all the resources to turn your life around. All it takes is will and desire.

“I’m not talented enough”

Guess what: Talent alone isn’t enough to be truly successful. It might help you progress faster, but ultimately, all it requires is hard work and dedication to improving.

“I don’t have enough time to discover what I like”

If you sit down and make a list of all the things you do in a typical day, you’ll begin to realize that you actually have enough time. Figure out what is wasting your time, and replace it with the things that will get you to your goals.

“I don’t know if I will succeed”
The greatest mystery about life is not knowing what’s going to happen. Sometimes, your journey will take you on roads you never thought existed.

“I don’t have the support”
You don’t have to do this alone, Join our support group

There’s a source of pride in having your own business and I want to help you get here too.

I’ve got the mindset hacks to pierce through your limiting beliefs, dust away overwhelm, and to get you to show up and show out as your fiercest, badass business self to create more time freedom and legacy launching.

Hop on a Clarity Call to set up a quicker solution in your next steps.

Are you coachable?

Are you coachable?

Being coachable means being open to asking for and receiving feedback, looking inward at how you can move forward, and being interested in growth. You don’t take things personally or as criticism, instead, you see it as an opportunity.

You listen, “try it on,” and use feedback to examine your own performance in order to achieve what you’re committed to. It doesn’t mean you have to take everything others share with you as “truth,” it means that you’re willing to look and examine if it fits.

You are still entitled to have your own opinion, in fact, that is encouraged, particularly when it comes from a place where you’re generating insight!

Long story short, be coachable!

Moms if you are looking to build your own brand with simplicity, clarity, and authenticity.

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5 Random Facts about Dr. Ali Griffith

5 Random Facts about Dr. Ali Griffith

5 RANDOM FACTS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME. You might be surprised to learn that I:

  • Never went to Business school, but I did go to @steveharveytv School Business of Acceleration. That was a business school on steroids because he brought his best coaches with him!
  • I am a beast in sales and love it! I didn’t always like sales, I didn’t want to have conversations about money. I had to shift my mindset and am now known to many as a SALES BEAST!
  • I love simple systems! I believe everything should be simplified and duplicatable.
  • I believe in taking your time and developing your business right. Start with foundations and stop starting all the way at the top!
  • I strongly believe you should invest in yourself and get yourself a business coach.

I share with you, so you know can some things that I believe in and have to offer to you when you are starting your business!

Who is holding you accountable?

Who is holding you accountable?

HOLD UP. This is not recycled advice. People hire coaches for strategy or advice, but also for accountability. So here are the 3 ways I keep my clients accountable when we work together:

  • At the beginning of the week or month, we set clear intentions. They let me know what they need to be held accountable for in our private group or message and I reach out to them to make sure they are on track.
  • We create S.M.A.R.T. goals. They need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based. 
  • We Celebrate! I believe in rewards and making sure they have a system to celebrate themselves and having a place where we can celebrate each other. It’s nothing like working towards something and knowing you have support around for your wins and when you miss the mark, someone helping to get you back on track!

I share this so that you know exactly what your investment is getting you when you hire me as your coach. So let’s meet!